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ALERT: It has come to my attention in the past 48 hours that recently Russian subs have come within the boundary of U.S. coastal area of California - and the newest sub is undetectable. When it surfaced, the commander stood on top, made a call on his satellite phone to a U.S. Command Center and said, "Try to find me." The sub went under water and briefly the wave was seen by and then afterwards nothing could be detected by the U.S. Without going into detailed information, not only subs but Russian Fighters jets loaded with - what was believed to be small nuclear missiles - have come within a short distance of the coast of Alaska, before being intercepted, and forced to return to their places of origin. The hard fact is - and this is a fact - Putin is stirred over the U.S. statements, attitude and response concerning his activities in the Ukraine. Putin literally despises the President and is mocking him with a serious show of force the past several weeks and months. While the President said, "Global warming is our most serious threat," world economies are collapsing, ISIS expands, Iran gets access to nuclear material, Israel is being boycotted, traditional marriage is ridiculed, and politicians worry about a planet getting to hot instead of understanding that our abominable policies will send millions to place under the earth that is hotter than any desert on earth. What I have heard first hand from those who saw and know these events; this is very troubling, provoking, and could lead over time to a showdown. We are laying off 40,000 troops, retiring our generals, cutting back Pentagon budgets in a time when the world is in crisis, ISIS is killing Christians and Iran threatens to blow up Israel and America. America needs leaders with back bones and not spines like a jelly fish. No one wants a war, or a clash with Russia. However one of the warnings in the Torah is when you reject God's Covenant - He will turn you over to the will of your enemies!!! Now that's something to ponder! - Pray for Revival! Repost if you wish.

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For me personally I don't fear Russian or Putin at all!! Putin has stood against the Sodomite revolution and has somewhat restored the church to Russia...our Marxist Media is not something I consider very reliable or credible!

I would consider Sodomite Muslim Traitor Obama our worst enemy and all his buddies in the Middle East like Turkey, etc.

I'm personally not afraid of either threat, but I fear for those who aren't ready. Russia although it may be pro-christianity it has a deep rooted hatred for the USA. They will soon be taking it out upon us via nukes, so the danger is real.

Lorrie Rick Renner has been there for many decades with a Christian TV ministry, etc. Not sure I believe the Russians really hate us and the media propaganda wants us to believe it...anyway I hope you are not right in this instance...God Bless you,


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