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Caleb Klinge:
The Eyes Of the Lord: He Will Come and Show Himself!
Sean Feucht

Intro by Sean Feucht:

Caleb Klinge embodies a new wave of revivalist pastors who long to see the Kingdom of Heaven come to the nations of the world! He is ON FIRE to see the American Church awaken and step into her rightful place of influence, power and authority in this Third Great Awakening wave that is already upon us! He also serves as an apostolic leader and board member of the grassroots worship, prayer and mission movement, Burn 24-7.

Sean Feucht
Founder, Burn 24/7

God is Looking

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. 2 Chronicles 16:9

Lately the Lord has been highlighting this verse for me as such a "now" word. There is so much hope and promise in this truth.

Caleb and Rachel Klinge

God has always been looking for worshippers that will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. His eyes are searching throughout every nation, city, town, and village for hearts that are loyal to Him – hearts completely undivided and fully toward Him.

The context of 2 Chronicles 16:9 is that King Asa, who had begun his righteous reign in total dependency on God's intervention, had drifted toward putting his trust in other resources and other nations instead of the Lord. This verse is actually an invitation from a prophetic voice in King Asa's life to repent and trust in the Lord with all of His heart once more.

The Promise

There is an amazing key – a promise – in this verse that is as real for us as it was for King Asa. What will God do when He finds those whose hearts are loyal to Him? He will come. He will show Himself! He will come in His power and His glory. God Himself will come and dwell with those whose hearts are toward Him. He will show Himself strong on their behalf.

In this hour, God is not looking for places to visit. He's looking for places to dwell. He's looking for a Tabernacle made up of the blazing hearts of praying, worshipping people. When He comes, He will show Himself strong, releasing His victory, His dunamis power, His signs and His wonders.

Revival Hubs Live In This Truth

We all love the emerging revival hubs around the world. These apostolic centers are a vital part of what God is doing. But we can develop an addiction to going and drinking from those wells without letting them inspire and encourage us to build a tabernacle for His Presence in our own communities.

God is not a respecter of persons. He will break through in your city. He will show Himself strong on your behalf. The reason these apostolic revival centers even emerged in the first place was because God found hungry, loyal hearts there that would go after His presence above all else. The promise of this verse is that God will show Himself just as strong in your nation and your region as He is elsewhere.

He Owns the Elephants in a Thousand Jungles

Recently on the east coast of India there has been intense persecution of Believers, who are a small minority there. Church facilities were being destroyed and Believers murdered. Major political parties that had coalitions on state and federal levels turned the other way. Believers had no natural resources, and no one to intervene on their behalf. There was no one to bring justice.

God worked in this intense situation to bring His people into fresh dependency on Him. They began to cry out to the Lord to intervene, and His ears were open to their cry.

Enter the elephants. In the capital city of this region, a herd of wild elephants had been coming into the city and causing all kinds of damage to vehicles, property, and businesses. As officials were trying to figure out a way of preventing the elephants from entering the city, they suddenly disappeared. Why? God dispatched them. He gave them a very specific assignment. He had heard the cry of His people and decided to show himself strong on their behalf.

The elephants reappeared several hundred miles from the capital city, and when they did, they had systematically gone through several villages absolutely destroying them and rendering them uninhabitable. The amazing thing is that the villages which were destroyed were the very same villages from which the most intense persecution had been based. Those villages and towns had been totally wiped out. However, the villages the Believers lived in remained untouched, even though they were in very close proximity to the destroyed villages.

God intervened on behalf of His people. No lives were lost in this demonstration of power, but the fear of the Lord gripped the region. Those who had formerly supported the persecution of the Believers began to say, "Don't do anything to harm the Christians, they have elephants!"

Our Assignment in Times of Testing

The test you thought would destroy you is intended to elevate you. When God allows circumstances in our lives that are beyond our ability, we are invited to learn greater dependency on Him, and in the midst of it, find Him and find a greater impartation of His power, His presence, and His faith than we've ever know before.

Our major task in times of testing is to realign our hearts so they are completely focused on the Lord. God never, ever overlooks a heart that is focused on Him. Your assignment is to let your heart be wholly His! Let Him show Himself strong on your behalf, and move afresh in your community.

Caleb Klinge
New Life Christian Center

Email: office@nlcci.org

About Caleb Klinge: Caleb is the lead pastor at New Life Christian Center in Novato, California, together with his wife Rachel. Located in Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate in the San Francisco Bay Area, they are passionate for an invasion of God's Presence and Kingdom that brings regional transformation. His ministry is used by the Lord to release faith, encouragement, and breakthrough. Caleb and Rachel have been married for 14 years, and have two children, Benjamin and Phebe.

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