According to the Pacific Justice Institute which is representing a parent, a “Christian purging” is going on in a California school library.

This purging at Springs Charter Schools in Temecula, California includes the Hiding Place, a book about a Christian family helping Jews during the Holocaust.

The Pacific Justice Institute wrote on behalf of the parent:

“She was told by one of the library attendants that the library has been instructed to remove all books with a Christian message, authored by Christians, or published by a Christian publishing company. The attendant advised that the library would no longer be carrying those books. Indeed, our client was told that the library was giving those books away, and she actually took some.”

Superintendet Kathleen Hermsmeyer wrote a letter to the Pacific Justice Institue saying, “We do not purchase sectarian educational materials and do not allow sectarian materials on our state-authorized lending shelves.”

Pacific Justice Institute President Brad Dacus commented:

“It is alarming that a school library would attempt to purge books from religious authors. Indeed, some of the greatest literature of Western Civilization comes from people of faith. Are they going to ban the sermons or speeches of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? What about the Declaration of Independence that invokes the laws of nature and nature’s God? We are calling on Springs Charter Schools to immediately reverse their ill-conceived and illegal book-banning policy.”

What do you think? Should Christian books be banned from public school libraries? Or should they be allowed, along with other books of different perspectives, so that students get a full and well-rounded education?