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August 7, 2012
Alan Keyes

If people who believe in American liberty are ever to see it reclaimed, I implore them to gather at RenewAmerica.com. Here, they will be participating in a media project whose purposes are so vital, so foundational, that without success here, I do not see how our liberty is renewed and restored.

In the present political environment of lies, rabid propaganda, and unbridled partisanship, it goes pretty much without saying that the "elites" who control America's so-called "mainstream" media dismiss us. They believe We the People of this country, our love of truth, our heartfelt fealty to freedom, and our rising defense of founding principles undergirding our constitutional republic no longer matter.

These elites count on the assertion that has become a mantra of their power: Perception is Reality. The "mainstream" media governs perception. If they ignore the truth, or distort the facts, or flat-out lie about reality — these things cease to be real for far too many Americans. Reality, history, truth are ruined and rewritten. With no record, they didn't exist.

People who resent this arrogant dismissal of their understanding, actions, and feelings need to facethis hard reality. As things stand right now in this country, the dismissive, self-worshipping, haughty elites have every reason to conclude that their attitude is justified by the facts. Many people who "know" better still can't wait to get to a television set, or a propaganda organ like the New York Times or the Washington Post, to see whether the so-called "mainstream" media will validate their views. Many hesitate to give full credence to what they know from firsthand experience and internal wisdom, or to act upon it, because they do not find external reinforcement from the "mainstream" media.

If these United States are to survive and again thrive as a bastion of liberty...this MUST stop. We the People MUST gather and share the truth in forums free from the taint of elite control. We must rely upon the public reality we can discover and sustain that is forged with our own hands, and with the faith that founded and preserved this nation free.

As you probably know, RenewAmerica is a news, analysis, and commentary site that is a "non-profit enterprise" in the true sense of the term (even though it has never applied for IRS non-profit status, so as to remain free from government control). RenewAmerica is not a "business": it has no employees, sells no product or service, and accepts no paid advertising. It depends entirely on the help of volunteers and the contributions of supporters in order to offer one of the premier conservative websites on the internet — a God-fearing voice of moral reason unlike any other.

RenewAmerica is a gift to grassroots America, from fellow citizens who care deeply about the future of our country in these challenging times. All of us who participate at RA are dedicated to doing our part to "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity" (Preamble to the Constitution) — and we maintain that commitment at considerable sacrifice.

Keeping up with ongoing costs, however, in an economy that looks increasingly bleak, has proven no small challenge. So has enduring unimaginable opposition from powerful sources over many years. It's nothing short of Providential favor that RenewAmerica is still in operation a decade after it launched in January 2002 — and for that I thank God, and its faithful community of participants.

Although the site is still debt-free and independent, each month presents new challenges and obstacles; hence, the purpose of this fundraising appeal. With your generosity and sacrifice,RenewAmerica.com can stay strong and healthy in the upcoming months and years. But only with your help.

Please make a modest contribution to the cause of RenewAmerica — which, after all, is the cause of helping you, in your own sphere, renew our republic. We need your help in helping you.

Keep Faith,

Ambassador Alan Keyes
Honorary Chairman, RenewAmerica

P.S. In addition to a thoughtful donation at this time of significant need, you might also consider a recurring contribution each month to help RenewAmerica not only remain viable and effective, but have reliable means to make needed improvements. Again, thank you, and God bless you.

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