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Wednesday, 26 October 2011  

Some call it the "Arab Spring", but a much more accurate term would be "the rise of Sharia law in the Middle East". I find it hard to believe that America [or should I say most Americans?] can't see the hand of Obama involved here in the promotion of Islamic Sharia law. It was no secret that the Moslem Brotherhood would take over in Egypt. That after the first democratic elections in Tunisia Islamic law would be put into place as the majority of the voters are in fact Islamic Muslims. The so-called freedom fighters in Syria are none other than Islamic Muslims. What has happened in Libya will see another Islamic state on the rise. In all these cases Obama has been on the side of the Islamic Muslims. To be sure, he puts that in a different way, but he knows full well what side he is on. Obama is for a "two state solution" in Israel and feels that Hamas will have to be part of that deal'  He does this knowing that they will never give up their quest to destroy Israel.Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, are on a long list of places in the Muslim and Arab world that Obama wants to see Islamic Sharia take hold and control the people. I am not defending dictatorships -BUT sometimes a good look around is in order before you jump into something that will be far worse than what you already have. As they say;  "better the devil you know....".

This Occupy Wall Street movement that is spreading throughout the West is nothing more than a take-over by those who want to control the world. A movement better known as the "New World Order" that goes by many other names. I agree that the banking system and the Federal Reserve are enemies of the free world. Capitalism is not the enemy, it is the best friend a free people can possibly have. Surely any thinking person knows that it is better than Communism or Socialism? There is always one way to tell when the Devil's hand is involved - if it has anti-Semitic hate pouring out of it. And we are seeing more and more placards reading "Jews leave this country". Yet this is no real surprise - we all knew that was coming. There is something you should be alert to.  Do not be distracted; the emerging Islamic caliphate is being put on open display, not only in the Middle Ease but also in Africa, Europe and the US. In Africa Muslims have been killing Christians by the tens of thousands with hardly a word from the western world. It is as if they just don't care. Church pastors are just happy to have their JOB and High Pay. They know that they are only required to preach to a congregation which mostly only wants programs for their kids and enough room in the parking lot for their new car. These "hirelings" (pastors) know just how hard they can step on toes before they are dismissed and replaced with someone who will say what these folks want to hear..

In the meantime Islam is recruiting your sons and daughters. The American prison system for the past 30 years has been recruiting hard-line Islamic converts. Many public schools today in the US and Europe are teaching from the Koran but you dare not mention the word "Jewish". Saudi Arabia has been building thousands of Mosques in the US and Europe and the brand of Islam they teach in those Mosques is Wahhabi Islam. 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and were Wahhabi.

Whilst the CFR controlled news media keeps your mind concentrated on a couple of criminal cases on TV and the "two state solution" [which is straight from the pit of Hell], everything around you from Islam to the  New World Order controlled "Occupy Wall Street" movement is destroying your freedom and country. But don't worry your Pastor, if you have one, about such things because he will likely, once again, neglect to tell you to prepare for the hard times that are coming. In fact he will tell you that Jerry Golden and others like him are "conspiracy nuts".

I hear from well-meaning "Christians" all the time who tell me that Israel will soon disappear. I have news for them. Israel will not disappear but those that think that way will. And just for the record, it is not the Jews who control the world it is the Jews who have given more blessing to the world than all the rest of the world put together. Do your own studying on the subjects of science, medicine, physics et al. But while you're studying be careful that you are not imbibing the teachings of those who admire Hitler, Communism, or Socialism. 

One other thing before closing. This Ministry is called by God, and we will save many Jewish lives. Israel will be here for them when we bring them here. Many others may not be around, but Israel isn't going anywhere, at least that is what my Bible says. I don't think God would have called this messenger to this ministry if it were not true. 

I thank God for everyone who has heard God's call and has partnered with this ministry - for together we will bless Israel. Gen. 12:3

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden


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