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Let me say that Father God has given me a new "mandate" to facilitate bringing his "Church" out of the "Eli System" and into the full manifestation of becoming a "Son of Zadok"!

I have sent out an appeal to any one interested in being a part of this God ordained "movement" in my area (btw prophesied to be the "forerunner state") to contact me via email and I covet your prayers for this forerunner assignment from on High to help His Church transition from the "Eli System" into a full fledged "Son of Zadok". Please pray for a mighty army divinely committed to seeing this mandate come to fruition.  Selah



Introduction to the Study

What ministry is and what is of God and what is of man.

A. Symbolic portrayals found within the Word of God as their relationship to the Sons of Zadok and the Zadok ministry.


(1) In a day laden with hype and hypocrisy in religious circles, it is necessary to ascertain what emanates from God and what does not.

(2) This study will assist any believer in Jesus Christ to make better judgment both of his or her own life and of that which is paraded under the guise of true religion.


This study will challenge every student to examine his or her faith and belief structure under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in light of the Word.


A greater understanding of the priesthood of the believer will be discovered. The King-Priest blessings and duties are framed in powerful perspective along with the demand for righteousness and holiness.


Hopefully, those who study with us in its entirety will become the Sons of Zadok, who minister under the great High Priest Jesus. This concept of ministry will change the student’s perspective of their walk with God and their relationship to fellow believers and the world.


A higher level of what comprises communion with the Lord and what exists in that communion will be reviewed. Instead of generalities this study takes a hard look into the specifics of religion, examining both motive and character of prominent denomination alongside those segments called “non-denominational.”


Arising from this study will be a solid concept of the meaning of intercession, prayer, and the promise of acceptable sacrifice. Also within the study is a scathing rebuke for those elements within the religious system which find condemnation from the Father and His Son, Jesus


The book of Ezekiel

The Book of Ezekiel is named after the prophet Ezekiel, whose name means “God is strong.’ His messages are dated between the years 593-571 B.C. and were given to his fellow exiles in Babylonian captivity.


Ezekiel grew up in the environs of the temple in Jerusalem, since he was born in a priestly family. Born in 623 B.C., he witnessed the changing fortunes of his people and was included in the exile to Babylon in 597 B.C. Called to the prophetic ministry in 593 B.C. through a spectacular divine revelation (Chapters 1-3), he was made conscious of God’s presence and message in the midst of the idolatrous surroundings of Babylon.


During the first part of his ministry, Ezekiel proclaimed essentially the same message given by Jeremiah-Jerusalem is doomed to destruction. The sinfulness and idolatry prevailing in Jerusalem will result in God’s abandoning the temple, as well as Jerusalem –with the judgment to follow. Babylonian captivity is certain. This is the theme of chapters 1-24.
After the news reached Babylon that Jerusalem actually had been destroyed in 586 B.C., Ezekiel proclaimed a new message of hope and restoration. God as the great Shepherd will regather the Israelites from the ends of the earth and reestablish them in their own land. The nations who challenge Israel’s return will be defeated and judged.


Criteria for ministering to Him

Most theological seminaries teach how to minister to the people but none teach anything about how to minister to God. Few people even believed that God needed ministering to, nor do they believe that man was capable of doing so, even if God did. Most Christians believe that no one would know where to begin if he or she attempted to minister to Him.


Ezekiel 44 is what characterizes the person who may minister to God.


Ezekiel 44:14 is a pivotal verse, separating those who will minister to the people and declaring who will NOT minister to Him.


(But I will make them (the unholy clergy characterized in the previous verses) keepers of the charge of the house, for all the service thereof, and for all that shall be done therein.)


The previous verses define the duties of the “defiled clergy.”


Verses 10-14 say they were to be identified by a straying congregation. An unholy congregation would be ministered to by an unholy clergy. The clergy were worshipping idols alongside the people. They deserved one another. These unholy clergy were to be gatekeepers at the gates of the house of the Lord; they were to be servants (hand holders, hospital visitors, counselors, administrators – whatever was needed to serve the congregation along the standard lines of obligation prescribed by the congregation and based on their expectational role of the clergy). They were to stand before the people (teach them, lead them in worship, do the pulpit work, administer educational and social programs, direct activities related to the congregation, and look after the physical plant). THEY WERE NOT TO MINISTER TO GOD.


Only the Sons of Zadok were to minister to God. (In ensuing chapters, a clear definition of the Sons of Zadok and their characteristics will be explored, for now just a hint will suffice.)
Verse 15 marks a dividing line between clergy and clergy. Once learned, it will comprise the criteria for all judgment regarding the clergy and their work in the church.


But the priests the Levites, the sons of Zadok, that kept charge of my sanctuary when the children of Israel went astray from me,…THEY shall stand before me…They shall enter into my sanctuary, and they shall come near to my table, to MINISTER UNTO ME, and they shall keep my charge. Ezekiel 44:15-16.


“What kind of ministry do you want – one that ministers to the people or one that ministers to GOD?” (In the first situation, the minister faces the congregation, while in the latter situation, the minister is turned to God and the people are privileged to view.)


Ezekiel had observed the priests and Levites worshipping idols in their private quarters near the Temple. These were the very ones who were charged with the spiritual care of Israel. God’s Spirit showed Ezekiel how things really were in the Temple on earth and how different it was compared to God’s plan for the Temple. Ezekiel saw, not as a common men would see, that every sacrifice seemed to be in order from a human view. Every law seemed to be kept. The Temple looked, from all appearances, to be alive and well. The people were being ministered to; the sin offerings and the peace offerings looked “in order.” The scriptures were read and explained. The people were satisfied with their ministers.


God showed Ezekiel the clergymen’s hearts. He revealed how they secretly worshipped idols and how they committed adultery actually and spiritually. Ezekiel was repulsed. His holy heart cried out for God to do something. God answered by saying that they were not to be removed from office, nor would lightening strike them dead. God intended to do nothing but allow them to continue. If the people were satisfied with idolatrous, adulterous leadership, then God would not intervene. One difference would be made. Those priests would not be able to minister to Him. Holiness is required for that office.
The Sons of Zadok ministered to God through their sacrifices, their leadership, all the while walking in holiness. Their prayers were mingled with their anointed, sweet-smelling savor at the altar of incense. Their holiness exuded from their lives as they offered sin and peace offerings. People knew they were different.


Ritual was not observed by the Sons of Zadok; they entered in to the presence of the Lord during their duties. (Standing in the presence of the Most High changes ones’ methods and approaches to ministry.) They taught the people the difference between the holy and the profane. They did not wear their holy garments used in service as they walked in the streets. They did not need notoriety as priests before the people. The people observed their different behavior. They were holy men doing holy things, and God blessed them. They walked differently; their lives reflected the holiness of the Lord. They took seriously, “Be ye holy as I am holy (1 Peter 1:16).” They took opportunity to teach the people to “discern between the unclean and the clean (Ezekiel 44:23).”


The Sons of Zadok were different. The glory of God and smoke filled the atmosphere, because their hearts were clean and pure, and the Lord honored them with His presence.
What is going to be the character of your ministry? You must choose. Will you be servants to the people only ministering to their needs? If so, you can live like every other professional clergyman. You can be worldly and profane and still occupy high pulpits and be respected. You can be “Reverend so-and-so” or “Bishop” or “His Eminence”, for rank is afforded in church circles based on worldly criteria. TV cameras can still focus upon your ministry. Higher education will propel you to higher degrees and still greater respect. If you live just a nominal Christian life, you would still be appreciated and respected by the multitudes. You might even see your name in lights on the church’s marque. Your salaries will be determined by committee and the wealth of the people. (Satan has no argument with nominal pulpiteers, who compromise the scripture to accommodate their congregation.) The “role” of the clergy is clearly defined: “Stay within the guidelines and you will succeed.” BUT – that group may not minister unto God.


Only the Sons of Zadok (Righteousness) could come before the Lord and minister unto Him. Those who walk in holiness, compromising no aspect of Word or walk, and who teach the people to be holy qualify. To minister to God begins with clean and pure heart. Its rewards are different; instead of accolades from men, the Sons of Zadok find accolade from the Lord. His presence insures that peace reigns and “every dedicated thing in Israel shall be theirs” (Ezekiel 44:29). Peace will rest upon the congregants’ houses as they minister to them holiness and way of the Lord.


“Choose whether you will be a minister to the people only or a minister to God.”


Will you continue to be what you have been, or will you be a Son of Zadok?


There is no middle ground; either you are a Son of Zadok, or you are not. That is why it is necessary to know what is and what is not related to the Sons of Zadok. The cutting determinate of all ministry is found in this study. It is how God judges. His judgment is fair. Your ministry is important to Him, but ministering to Him must become your most important task. All other considerations are not worthy. We must all learn how important it is to LISTEN to the voice of God, and we have to learn that ministry to God begins with the Spirit, who searches the deep things of God and shows us how to minister to Him.)

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