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False Responsibility is Keeping Many People Captive

Kathie Walters

Changing the Guard

I see God is changing the guard in many places, and there are huge shifts happening in the spirit realm. When I was in Australia and New Zealand, I saw many of the leaders I was with had come back to "Grace" instead of trying to get people to keep the agenda, so to speak. They let go and said, "Whatever." I mean "whatever" in a good sense. "Jesus, whatever," is a good attitude to have. We need to be open for what God is doing now – it's not the same blueprints for everything.

For Example: The Peregrini & Brendan the Sailor

The peregrini in Ireland in the fifth and sixth centuries were monks who left the monasteries and got into a small boat off the shores of Ireland. The boat had no rudder and no oars. They put up a sail and trusted God to send the winds to take them where they were supposed to go. They had amazing adventures.

Brendan set sail with some of his brothers and they came, after a while, to an island. As the boat drew up to the island, an old man stepped to the small beach and was waiting for them as they stepped off the boat on to the shore.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time," he said, and then he proceeded to call them by name and prophesy over them. Then he said, "Bless me, for I can go now." They prayed for him and he gave up his spirit to God. (From my book, Celtic Flames.)

Getting Unstuck

I keep meeting people, especially people in ministry, who are stuck in something their heart is not in. Some of them are so pressured by people and needs that they can't fulfill the will of God or can't get their joy back because it's all become a burden.

False responsibility is a big and heavy religious spirit. It makes us minister to needs, instead of being led by the Spirit. False responsibility will keep people from their calling because the people around them won't let them go. "We need you. What will we do if you go?" keeps many pastors and ministries tied to a yoke that Jesus never put on them. Our first calling is to obey the Lord and be Spirit-led; the people are His responsibility – He will take care of them.

One time we overstayed for more than a year at a church we were pastoring. We had a word to move on, but the people kept saying, "We need you," so we responded to the people instead of the Lord. After a while it all began to fall apart, and in the end we moved on.

The people wandered around for a couple of months trying to find out who they really were and what they were meant to be doing. Guess what? Everyone found a great slot they were supposed to fill a while ago, and God powerfully used some of those people who were tied to us.

Aren't you glad that you aren't God? Your responsibility is to offer what He gives you.We can't change anyone or make anyone do anything.

When Jesus was told Lazarus (a good friend) was dying, Jesus didn't respond to Lazarus' need – He responded to the voice of the Father. When the Father told Him to go to Bethany, He went, but not before and not after.

God knows what He's doing!

The Will of God is in Your Heart

God puts His desires in your heart as you yield to Him and love Him. The New Covenant is a heart thing – not a law thing. "A new heart and a new spirit I will put within them" is the promise of the New Covenant.

False responsibility will try and make you be the Holy Spirit to people. That's heavy! Leaders are meant to teach people to hear from God for themselves, not to be dependant on someone else hearing from God for them. Only you can know your destiny in God – no one else can tell you that. He is your lifeline. Of course, it's great to get a prophetic word sometimes, a confirmation, but ultimately each one us has to hear from God for ourselves. Leaders and pastors can provide wonderful food, but they can't eat for us. If I ate for you, then I would be very fat and you would be very thin.

When Jesus speaks to you, He imparts faith to move forward to the next thing. What an awesome God, and He is "Abba" (Daddy) to us as well.

A Key to Receiving at This Time

And, oh yes - a key to your receiving at this time:

I just wanted to share something the Lord gave me, because maybe it's for you, too. Several people in the last couple of weeks have written to me or spoken to me about TURKEY. They smelled turkey cooking, or had a dream about roast turkey or a vision, or felt they had the taste of turkey in their mouth.

I know Thanksgiving is coming, but it doesn't entirely have to do with that holiday. On Saturday I had a need in our ministry and I had a vision of myself holding up an empty plate to the Lord asking Him to give me something. Now, the plate I had was an English blue and white China plate – it was pretty (I have those plates), but it was small like a tea plate. The Lord said to me, "That's a small plate," and right away I had a bigger dinner-sized plate I was holding up to Him. Next minute, the plate was filled with a turkey (roasted potatoes, carrots, etc.), and then the Lord filled the turkey with this wonderful smelling stuffing.

God said this to me, "If you keep a spirit of thanksgiving in your mouth, I will fill the turkey." So of course, I started praising the Lord and thanking Him for everything I could think of, including all my wonderful friends He has put in my life.

During the break in the Saturday seminar, a friend came up and said the Lord had told her to give me a chunk of money to help meet this need we had. We still have some needs, but I am going to keep thanking Him. We have so much to be grateful for, don't we? We just sometimes forget all His benefits. But thanksgiving is a key to release God's blessings in your life. Start today! "With a heart of thanksgiving, I will bless Thee oh Lord!" Remember that chorus we used to sing?

There is more about false responsibility and other religious mindsets that prevent people from receiving all that God has on my MP3 message, "Getting Free From Religious Spirits and Living in the Supernatural."

Kathie Walters
Kathie Walters Ministry

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