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The Lord has been speaking to me much lately on the kingdom and the time we are in. We are in an awesome time! It is truly a time for the church to arise and shine! To be that city set on a hill!! But there is also deep darkness covering the world. I want to speak a bit about this and what God has shown me.

I had a dream a few days back, in it the Lord showed me a storm that is coming and a possible tornado . The storm IS coming!! The tornado I believe can be averted through turning from our own thoughts and ways unto Gods and prayer. I see the storm as trouble, but the tornado as calamity, devastation, even death. Upon waking the Lord said to me "Everything that can be shaken is being shaken , but you have a kingdom which cannot be shaken! Tell My people to make sure it is My kingdom they are walking in" In the dream I was in a plane soaring above and enjoying it , but the Lord showed me people on the ground who had no shelter from the storm , let alone the tornado! This is not just about ourselves, but the many who do not know God or have the knowledge of God. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . He showed me this message was for America! Although I believe the whole world is shaking, this word was for America. May I also say what happens here affects the whole world.

A couple weeks back the Lord spoke to me upon waking and said "We have entered a dangerous season"" Tell My people to pray" I do not take His words lightly and I pray you do not either. I know many of you think we are coming out of a recession but I tell you what God said "It is not over, and it will get worse before it gets better" Remember this is not for those who are hidden in Christ , walking in the kingdom. Isaac sowed in the time of famine and reaped a hundred fold- Gen 26:12 Shaking is coming to every area and through many avenues. He said to me about a month ago "There will be a quake along the Mississippi River" This was before I knew the Mississippi River runs along the New Madrid fault line. There is coming a shake up in our political system. He has spoken to me and said "Treason , High treason" "There is a traitor in the house, the hand is at the very door" I have seen darkness over Washigton D.C. I have seen chaos in the streets and martial law. He showed me an explosion! It is coming! It seemed to wipe out a whole city! I started to weep! He said "My people have hardened their hearts they don't know what is coming , but I am preparing My holy apostles and prophets and when they are prepared they will help the others cross over" This preparation and crossing over is vitally important! Many think this will not touch them but God said "My people" are not prepared. This He spoke to me in 2010 and I wonder if we are yet prepared. He showed me a few years ago a nuclear explosion go off in America (this was a seperate experience to the other explosion I saw), I don't know where but that same day I heard another prophet on tv say the same thing! Are we awake and aware of the times we are in? If we are not secure in God we will fear.

This shaking is going to give way to a great awakening! Understand that God makes all things work together! It is important that we drink from more than one stream or we may become unbalanced in what we are seeing. Some are seeing the storm and some an awakening , both are coming! Some are preaching the Word and some the Spirit but wait until both come together in the body, there will be a great explosion in the spirit!!! haha As God has spoken to me "This is the time where I make all things one" He has also told me about this civil war in the country and in the church we are even now seeing but that is part of the sifting and shaking ! I say as Paul said in 1Cor 11:19 " For doubtless there have to be factions or parties among you in order that they who are genuine and of approved fitness may become evident and plainly recognized among you."

There are many blaspheming against the Holy Spirit by speaking against His anointed! It is a dangerous time for this also! I saw a post yesterday with every anointed person you could think of being called false and then ripped and torn apart in the comments! This isn't about agreeing with everything a person says but recognizing God is using this person! The Lord spoke to me about those who do this , He said "My Spirit lies in Judgment upon those that curse My people, upon those that refuse their brethren! Judgment lies upon those who refuse Me say's the Lord! To the extant that they refuse the move of My streams is the extant that they are cut off from Me! Death enters in at conception. They say there is no judgment ,Watch as I release My judgments ! Watch as I release My Judgment Prophets!"

Some would like to shoot an arrow at me, a scripture that God is not in for your personal use, Rom8:1 Therefore, [there is] now no condemnation (no adjudging guilty of wrong adverse verdict) for those who are in Christ Jesus... but look at the rest of that scripture... who live [and] walk not after the dictates of the flesh, but after the dictates of the Spirit. Speaking against Gods anointed will bring Gods adverse verdict upon you! So will any disobedience to His commands! What has God told you to do? He is long suffering but He will deal with you if you continue to harden your heart, It is not fun to be like Jonah!

He has told me to tell the church to seek Him for His will , we all have a destiny in God that He has planned out for us, and it is Glorious!! But many in the church are complacent and fearful, burying their talents! It is time to get focused and determined! Push out the worldly things that have your attention and distract and seek God! Live a life of worship! Learn to hear and discern God and obey the prompting and directions of the Holy Spirit! The rewards are incalcuable! This is not a time for the church to bury their heads , this is the time to arise and shine!! To be that city set on a hill! Glory to God!To be active and fruitful! Let us not be like the fig tree that Jesus found leaves but no fruit! But Let us bear fruit for God , fruit that has the seed with in it and brings a mighty harvest!! There may be a natural drought and some famine coming but we have an unending supply ,the rain of the Holy Spirit in abundance! Let us feast ! Let us eat and drink in spiritual communion with the one who loves us with an everlasting love! The One Who pours out Joy unspeakable Jude 1: 24 Now to Him Who is able to keep you without stumbling or slipping or falling, and to present you unblemished (blameless and faultless) before the presence of His glory in triumphant joy and exultation with unspeakable, ecstatic delight..

WE have a kingdom which can not be shaken!!! And We will be a sign to the world , and they will say truly God is with you !

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