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by Cherylynn Costner:

Can a whole career be built on the solid strength of speaking the truth in a culture that is automatically prone to attacking truth seekers? As a general rule, the answer would be a big fat NO.  However, there were many a “no” when Donald John Trump and his wife Melania entered the dirty politics of what would become a landslide victory for Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign. How did Mainstream Media (MSM) get the polls so wrong?

There is starting to become a consensus that conservationism is condemned for perfectly understandable things.  Milo says the people who do not like him only know him by the headlines.  The public does not realize they have been lied to by the MSM.  Once they do listen, they become confused.  Milo Yiannopoulos, like many of us, is not any of the long list of horrible things, ie racist, sexist, bigot, etc., that anybody who does not conform to the narrow margin of politically correct views, as what the liberal media has set for the standard “Public Opinion,” conforms to. 

Middle aged bloggers in New York and Los Angeles persecute anything that is simple free speech expressing their personal opinion.  They will spend all day calling people names and think they are virtuous for doing so. Milo calls this hypocritical.  NPR host claims he does not see it in the interview that has yet to be broadcast.  The not being broadcast may confirm Milo’s opinion, that there is a stonewall the mainstream media has against free speech.

Has the liberal media given up on anything that does not fit within their self-imposed rules and regulations of acceptable speech?

“I spent an hour with NPR talking about my new book, DANGEROUS. Broadcast deadlines have repeatedly come and gone and it has become obvious they have no intention of ever broadcasting it. Any guesses why that might be?, Milo.

The interview spans 45 minutes.  There are many point where the NPR producers may have pulled the broadcast, but one reason may be at 27 – 29 minutes when Milo explains why Trump won, and it is clearly because of how MSM systematically silences anything that goes against the liberal POV.  If you have the time, the entire video is an interesting listen.  Here is what Milo had to say:


Life after Breitbart began Dangerous.com which is Milo’s new news outlet.  Once again, cutting edge news comes out from not just him, but many aware and hungry for truth journalists. An example would be on how the Russians Forces suffered an embarrassing defeat to the US in Syria.  Although MSM claims to not like Russia, the story supports the fine work within the Trump Administration which has effectively been dwindling down ISIS since Obama let go of the presidential reigns. Where is the MSM report? 

On Dangerous, that’s 

“Leaked audio of Russian mercenaries operating in Syria reveal the extent of their defeat in a disastrous engagement against superior US forces. They didn’t stand a chance. The audio recordings, which were first published on Polygraph, a fact-checking website run by Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, corroborates reports from international news agencies like Reutersand Bloomberg that claim hundreds of Russian military contractors died or were wounded in battle against American military forces.

DANGEROUS: The Audiobook available now on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y75s2p84 MILO’s book DANGEROUS, published by Dangerous Books, available now at https://DANGEROUS.com Free Speech Week at UC Berkeley begins soon: http://FreeSpeechWeek.com MILO’s tour, TROLL ACADEMY, begins late summer. To apply for a tour stop, visit. http://trollacademy.org/ INFO: https://MILO-inc.com BLOG: https://MILO.yiannopoulos.net BUY MERCH: https://MILOboutique.com LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/myiannopoulos/

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