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From Confusion to a Revolution of Fusion with God

Robert and Joyce Ricciardelli

There are many voices and sounds beckoning our hearts, minds and souls. Father is making a clarion call, a clear trumpet blast, calling us toward becoming increasingly one with Him. He is jealous for us in His desire to eliminate every sound, voice, or lover that gets in the way of us growing in His wisdom, stature and favor.

It can be very confusing as we try to discern His most excellent way in a world of delusions, illusions and allusions. Father desires us to become whole, to become one with Him. I love the word fusion, as fusion describes the process of joining two or more things together to form one entity. But we are not things; we are the crown of creation being joined together with the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and earth. What an awesome life we have as He takes us from the state of confusion and advances us toward greater fusion with Him.

We are His ambassadors distributing elements of Himself to planet earth. Let's look at some elements of fusion that propels this into real-time reality.

Fusion with God

Jesus provides the way, the truth and the life of becoming one with Him and the Father, and then sends us His Spirit who never leaves us nor forsakes us. It is an amazing and powerful life of knowing God with us, in us, and living through us for His glory in every area of our lives. We are born from above when we receive Him into our lives.

Being born from above means we do not live in dualism or compartmentalized mindsets. We do not act differently anywhere or anytime because we do not distinguish between that which we think is spiritual and that which we think is natural. Everything is spiritual because we are spiritual and the Spirit of God is ever present. Life with God and life in the Kingdom of God are spiritual no matter what we are doing, and all things are part of our eternal journey regardless of calling or context.

Fusion with Self

We are body, soul and spirit. We must understand that every part of us is being called to wholeness and into alignment with the Spirit of God. First and foremost is to acknowledge our eternal life and the eternal seed that God has impregnated us with in the new birth. A seed must grow in good soil and nutrients. Are we in the right place, and are we being fed the things of God in order to grow up to be more like Him?

Our soul, which is our mind, will and emotions, needs to be assessed often. We need Father to illuminate areas we may be operating in that may not be productive for us in our desire to please Him. Science is now proving that emotional well-being is far more impacting in life than knowledge or IQ. Are we becoming intentional to seek His Kingdom, His righteousness, and His will for our lives?

It is amazing how our body sometimes gets little attention in the fusion of self towards wholeness, and yet we cannot optimize spirit or soul in this world if our body is sick, dying or dead. It is time to start paying attention to our physical health as well as our spirit and soul. Joyce and I continue to look to the latest natural ways and technology in health care, along with Dr. Jesus' recommended health plan for our lives.

Fusion with Others

God has great plans for all of us, but we are not called to do it alone. He calls us His Body. God is increasingly making us aware that religion and church meetings do not often equate to community. He desires communities that do life together relationally. Through relationships we share each other's strengths while covering each other's weaknesses. Jesus said the world would come to know Him through our love for one another.

I think it is important that we become safe harbors for those around us. When I meet those that are going to meetings and seminars regularly but still are bankrupt relationally, it breaks my heart and, I believe, Father's heart. Very few people are engaged in life-giving relationships, and oftentimes even church is not a safe place. People feel that if others knew of their issues in life they might be judged or rejected. This does not breed safety or love.

Find those that will love you for you, and not what you do. Love others not for what they can do, but because you are a lover of God and love others in God's unconditional love. God demands that we become extreme givers and not takers in every realm of life. If we do this we can become a community that others will want to be a part of, and we'll be conduits of God's love, mercy and grace.

Revolution for Fusion

God is calling all people to Himself. It is very important to understand God's love for the world and not just for Christians. It is time to get out of the box, and we have many boxes. Father wants His love to abound and His presence to pour out from us to transform lives where we live, where we work and where we go. We must ask Him for language for every context, culture and person. Loving others is not a formula, and we do not compromise, but we must seek understanding if we want to make an impact for His glory.

Creating an atmosphere for fusion begins as we continue to be fused into God's agape nature. We then create a safe atmosphere for transforming and relationships in Him. The Converging Zone Network recently gathered a few in the mountains of North Carolina. God's presence was tangible and we all related in fusion-filled ways with God and each other to the point that nobody wanted to leave. Relationship based in God and in freedom beckons for more. This creates a desire to love and build community together, while submitting our lives to one another. Loving God and each other creates fusion and power for the miraculous while furthering the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

Robert Ricciardelli
Converging Zone Network & Visionary Advancement Strategies

Robert Ricciardelli, along with his wife Joyce, are the founders of the Converging Zone Network and Visionary Advancement Strategies. Through their connecting ministry, newsletters and social networking platforms, they bring collaboration to over 100,000 each week in various spheres of society. Robert's 25 years in Corporate America has given him a broad world-view of the Kingdom of God in everyday life. Robert speaks at churches and conferences regarding the Kingdom of God, and practical ways to advance His Kingdom into every sphere and mountain of society. Robert is also a Kingdom business consultant, and a transformational life coach, assisting in the discovery of solutions that advance the destinies of individuals, faith communities and businesses.

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