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How Dangerous Is Same-Sex Marriage? (Hear Ye the Word of the Lord from his servant!)

by  on January 31, 2013  

Before I plunge into the muck of such a topic that I would rather not address, let me remind you how we have been asleep in the light while the secularist has advanced in the dark.  We will begin in 1962-63 when one woman, Madelyn M. O’Hara, was successful in removing prayer and the Bible from our public schools. She was murdered and her bones found in the desert sands, but she sure left a great impact upon our society and especially our schools.

Today, our public schools have become one of the most dangerous places in the U.S.  Our children are receiving a godless, amoral education that they take with them into their marriage, government and other important American institutions where we see the deteriorating results.

We then come to 1973, where the pro abortion left used one woman, Norma McCovey, as their pawn to legalize abortion in the infamous Roe v. Wade.  Since then 55 million babies have been slaughtered in the most dangerous place in America – their mother’s womb!  Isn’t that amazing how the two most dangerous places for our children today are the school we send them to receive an education,  and the womb where God has placed them to begin their lives!

Also, in the 70’s the homosexual community brazenly “came out of the closet” instead of cleaning it.  The result is that we have this anti-Christian lifestyle being shoved down our throats. If we dare object, WE are labeled a “homophobe!”  Understand that I don’t personally care (except for their souls) how two people involve themselves sexually, but I do care how this is impacting our society.  I do care how God views such practices and what happened to societies who condone them.

Now, there is someone reading this article, and at this time your blood pressure is rising because you are saying to yourself, “What an arrogant, judgmental, narrow minded &!#%@ you are Pastor Nash!  My answer; I use to believe just like you until my mind became transformed by God and I received a Christian or biblical world view.  You see, God isn’t going to change His code of morality just because we think He should.  We don’t create God in our image; He has created us in His!

Now, what about Same-Sex Marriage and just how dangerous is it to our society? First of all, we are no longer speaking of two individuals privately engaging in a homosexual relationship.  Instead, these same two want our society to acknowledge and accept that their perversion must be recognized by the community, schools, government and the churches.  Our President, for political reasons, recently made a public statement that he will support same-sex marriage and has “evolved” in his views on the subject.  Mr. President, who do you think you are to attempt to redefine and undermine what God has ordained?

Listen, when two people are privately engaged in such practices, they are individually responsible before God and possibly their families.  When a nation condones such a practice, we “corporately” receive God’s condemnation.  If you don’t agree with that statement, you are ignoring biblical and secular history.  You may be thinking, “What’s so evil about that sin compared to others?”  The answer:  just as there are degrees of commendation and rewards in God’s government, so there are degrees of condemnation and punishment in His judgments.

There are dozens of biblical references that condemn homosexuality that I could list.  I want instead to use reason in an attempt to communicate the gravity of condoning homosexual marriage.  First of all, such a union is NOT mentioned in the Bible!  Why?  The reason is because such a practice was not known or imagined by the societies at that time.  One could not fathom such an immoral decadence.  Christians are exhorted by the Apostle Paul “not to speak of such abominations.”  Well, unfortunately, we are forced to speak on these subjects that are heaped upon us in our age.

Same-sex marriage is so tremendously heinous simply because it usurps God’s design for the family.  If we undermine the very foundation for civilization (the family) we will began to crumble like a falling building.  Think of how angry an architect would be if he found that the builder paid no attention to his design but went ahead and took matters into his own hands only to see the building collapse!

Unfortunately, we who embrace a biblical world view seem to be asleep in the light while, state after state, legalizes such a dangerous practice for our country to embrace.  Where are the voices crying in the wilderness?  Our President is the first president to speak so passionately about the “rights” of a small minority of depraved persons to propagate their transgressions.  Where is the unified voice from the pulpit and other platforms in the public square that decry this lifestyle?

Remember, it took just one woman (with evil support) to defeat prayer, the Bible in schools and to legalize abortion.  “Are there not ten righteous people in Sodom?”  The Lord did NOT destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of their sinfulness; He destroyed them for lack of righteous people speaking out in opposition to what was going on!  Again, are there not ten righteous that care enough for the future of their children and our nation to speak out whenever they can in this public debate?

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Comment by Raising Up A Standard on January 31, 2013 at 2:17pm

Where there is prayer of agreement thousands are put to flight...with you Rev. McAnally!

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