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If Obama Is Ousted In November, Thank Florida Governor Scott


Rick Scott SC 300x260 If Obama is ousted in November, thank Florida Governor Scott

As the State of Florida continues to release evidence in the Trayvon Martin case, it becomes increasingly clear that prosecutors will have little chance of convincing an honest jury that George Zimmerman is guilty of 2nd degree murder.

On May 15th, a medical report submitted by Zimmerman’s family doctor revealed that, on the night of the shooting the accused murderer suffered “…a ‘closed fracture’ of [the] nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of [the] head and a minor back injury…”  Zimmerman was treated by police at the scene and sought medical attention the next morning. (1)

Yet none of this information was included in the Affidavit of Probable Cause submitted by State Attorney Angela Corey as grounds for her charge of 2nd degree murder. Neither was the fact that witnesses testified to State investigators that Martin had attacked Zimmerman, or that he knocked Zimmerman to the ground, jumped on top of him and drove his head into the sidewalk as Zimmerman cried for help. The remarkably one-sided Affidavit simply states, “Zimmerman confronted Martin and a struggle ensued.” (2)

Alan Dershowitz states Corey “…has a terrible reputation in Florida for always overcharging…”  In fact it’s Dershowitz’s contention that Corey was specifically chosen by Florida Governor Rick Scott to “…stop race riots.”  Norm Wolfinger, the original prosecutor in the Martin case, intended to present all the known facts of the shooting to a grand jury. Had the exculpatory evidence now known to support Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense persuaded that body to bring no charge, Florida blacks would have almost certainly responded with state wide rioting. No doubt, many other portions of the United States would have joined in. (3)

In replacing Wolfinger with the “hang-em-high” Angela Corey, Governor Scott was playing to professional race baiters and media sycophants around the nation. And the unsuspecting Corey played her role of avenging angel to the hilt, stating at a nationally televised press conference that she had promised “…those sweet parents [of Trayvon] we would get answers to all of their questions…” and “seek justice for Trayvon…” (4)

But make no mistake, rioting was not necessarily Scott’s principle concern! For thanks to 24/7 pro-Trayvon  coverage by the national media, this killing stood to play an important role in the election of 2012.

Millions of blacks, many who might have never voted before, went to the polls for Obama in 2008. But Obama was having difficulty reanimating that support this year. He needed a hook to fire up black voters and in their sob story coverage of the Martin shooting, the media gave him one, complete with the race-baiting appeal Obama had used so often during his career.

However,  with his selection of Angela Corey, Scott effectively killed Obama’s chances of using the death of Trayvon Martin in a national appeal to black voters. Her manufacture of a murder charge against Zimmerman took the wind from Obama’s “us against Whitey” sails. It allowed Scott to defer any chance of the Manchurian Candidate making political hay until 2013, well after the election. And by then, it won’t matter as Obama will be unemployed.

Of course there’s a bigger loser than Obama in this political charade and that’s George Zimmerman. He is a true pawn, innocent of the crime he is accused of committing by virtue of a clearly genuine plea of self-defense. Yet politicians have exposed him to the whim of jury members who might be intimidated into pronouncing a guilty verdict simply because they fear reprisal from black thugs across the country.

It’s bad enough American citizens lose their liberty to unconstitutional laws passed by self-serving politicians. George Zimmerman might lose his liberty simply because it’s an election year.

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Comment by Raising Up A Standard on May 23, 2012 at 10:10am

Alan Dershowitz Slams Special Prosecutor Angela Corey For Zimmerman Charges

Alan Dershowitz is the expert in cases like this shooting, and he believes the charges filed against Zimmerman should be dropped. His appearance on Huckabee this weekend was important. Listen to him explain why Zimmerman is being railroaded.

Comment by Raising Up A Standard on May 23, 2012 at 10:01am

PLEASE PRAY FOR GEORGE ZIMMERMAN....I feel very sorry for this man who was obviously just trying to defend himself against a drug infested 6foot rebellious teen. God have mercy on both of them.

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