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"The Gathering Storm" simulcast set for Oct. 22, will focus on rising threats to America, Israel and the Church.

By Joel C. Rosenberg






(Washington, D.C, August 21, 2011) -- The collapse of the Mubarak regime in Cairo -- and with it an organized, unified, disciplined, centrally controlled Egyptian security and intelligence force -- has created a no man's land in the Sinai desert. This, in turn, has created a fertile environment for Radical Islamic terrorist groups to expand their operations in the Sinai, including smuggling arms into Gaza and training jihadist commandos. Now Israel is beginning to pay the price. Multiple terrorist attacks have occurred in recent days along Israel's southern border with Egypt. 

More than 100 rockets, mortars and anti-tank missiles have been fired from Gaza at Israeli towns and cities along the south. A suicide bomber also detonated himself near the Israel-Egyptian border over the weekend. Eight Jews were killed in Thursday's jihadist attacks on an Israeli public bus, and at least 30 were wounded. A rocket hit a home in Beersheva on Saturday night, killing one Israeli and wounded four others. Dozens more Israelis have been hospitalized for shock. Israel has struck back with airstrikes against selected terror targets, but the violence has only escalated. Tragically, Israeli forces accidentally killed two Egyptian border guards during a raid against Gaza militants. Israel quickly apologized, but this has created new tensions between Egypt and the Jewish State. Meanwhile, Palestinian leaders -- who want their own sovereign state beginning next month -- have neither said or done anything to stop the latest attacks. 

The question now is obvious: Is a new war brewing in Gaza Strip? Will Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu order the IDF back into the Strip for a ground operation akin to "Operation Cast Lead" in 2009? Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom was quoted by Ynet News on Sunday as saying....[to read the rest of this story, and links to numerous news stories, please go to the blog] 


"THE GATHERING STORM" SIMULCAST ON OCT. 22 -- In the last few weeks, the U.S. stock markets have tanked. Americans have lost more than $2.3 trillion in personal wealth. Our economy has nearly stalled. Some 14 million American are out of work. We may be facing a double-dip recession. Our debt is exploding. And Washington is nearly paralyzed with partisan gridlock, even as Iran is building nuclear weapons, Syria and Libya are slaughtering thousands, Egypt has imploded, and Israel is increasingly threatened. Put it simply: Storm clouds are gathering. The winds are picking up. The tectonic plates beneath us are shifting. America is being shaken. Israel and the Middle East are being shaken. The Church is being shaken. Why? Where are we headed? What is God doing? And what is He asking followers of Jesus Christ to do? 

At this critical moment in our history, I would ask you to please prayerfully consider hosting a special 3-hour simulcast at your church on Saturday, October 22, 2011. It is called, "The Gathering Storm: An Urgent Call To Prayer, Fasting and Repentance for America, Israel and the Church in the Light of Bible Prophecy." In the first hour of this event, I will teach from the Holy Scriptures, analyze current events in light of Bible prophecy, and offer practical suggestions on how Christians should respond Biblically. Then, for the next nearly two hours, I will answer questions from believers all over the country. To learn more about "The Gathering Storm" event -- and to sign up your church to host the 3-hour simulcast on Saturday, October 22nd -- please click the link below or go to my website, www.joelrosenberg.com

P.S. -- If you're not a pastor, please let your pastor know about "The Gathering Storm" event and encourage him to participate. 

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