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LAST-MINUTE SABOTAGE! Obama plans to make his 'fundamental transformation' irreversible – no matter who succeeds him

If you were Barack Obama – a Marxist revolutionary disguised as a Democrat, who after promising “fundamental transformation” delivered it nonstop during his presidency, but was in grave danger of seeing his beloved radical changes eviscerated once he leaves office – what would you be doing right now?

No need to guess. Obama adviser Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council (and formerly an executive at the radical pro-amnesty group, the National Council of La Raza) clearly sums up the mission of Team Obama in the home stretch of his transformative presidency.

The administration’s entire focus, Muñoz’ boasts, is on making sure Obama’s controversial policies are permanently “institutionalized.” That is, they must live on long after she and her boss are gone from the White House – no matter who succeeds him as president. Job one, she insists, is “to make sure we build [Obama’s policies] really into the DNA across the federal bureaucracy, at a leadership level, but much more importantly to make sure that when political appointees like me are no longer here, this is built into what those agencies do and think about every day.”

In other words, the disastrous policies of the most subversive and anti-American president in U.S. history are to be permanently baked into the nation’s government, bureaucracy, law and culture – unless, of course, the next administration is bold, smart and audacious enough to turn them around.

That’s the theme of June’s groundbreaking issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled “SABOTAGE! Obama plans to make his ‘fundamental transformation’ irr...

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Of course, throughout his presidency Obama and his team have deliberately schemed to make his revolutionary re-imagining of America difficult or impossible to undo by purposely enmeshing it as much as possible into the fabric of government, culture and “settled law.” Whether it’s giving Iran the nuclear green light with his appalling and deceit-laden treaty; or changing America’s voting demographics to favor Democrats by allowing felons to vote (almost all of which vote Democrat); or making same-sex marriage permanent in the Supreme Court whose 2015 decision passed with the support of Obama’s two justice picks, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan – Obama doesn’t want his radical changes undone.

Indeed, during his final year, Obama has been burning the midnight oil. Even though excessive regulations are widely regarded as literally suffocating the American economy, right now thousands of new regulations – from reducing exposure limits for silica, a chemical used in fracking, to requiring more small-scale gun sellers to perform background checks, to forcing food manufacturers to disclose how much sugar they add to cranberry juice – are being created around the clock throughout Washington’s vast government bureaucracies, before Obama’s term ends in January.

Highlights of “SABOTAGE!” include:

  • “Obama’s end game: Why the president will become increasingly outrageous in his final months” by David Kupelian

  • “After Obama: Is there any going back?” by Joseph Farah, who asks, “Can this clock, this ticking time bomb Obama has devised, be unwound?”

  • “Obama’s destruction of America’s military ethos” by Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, in which the celebrated Medal of Honor recipient exposes Obama’s “premeditated” “ruination” of the nation’s armed forces

  • “U.S. military could topple like Jenga blocks”

  • “Obama’s last act is to force suburbs to be less white and less wealthy” by Paul Sperry, on the radical scheme to reshape American society being launched in the final days of Obama’s presidency

  • “Obama: They’re not criminals, they’re ‘justice-involved individuals'”

  • “Regulation fits perfectly in line with the promise to transform America”

  • “A crystal ball revealing America’s future” by David Kupelian, on the hidden implications of importing the problems of our cities into the rest of the country

  • “The left’s plan to free a million prisoners (‘We cannot simply call for reform. We want an end to incarceration, period’)” by Matthew Vadum

  • “Felons for Hillary! Virginia governor ripped for ‘unconstitutional’ voting scheme” By Cheryl K. Chumley

  • “How Obama plans to finally kill the Second Amendment,” in which Sen. Jeff Sessions discusses Hillary’s Supreme Court strategy to overturn the Hiller decision

  • “The baton of freedom: Our guns” by Dr. Ben Carson, who asks: “Are we going to submit to the secular progressives who try to use every opportunity to get rid of our guns?”

  • “Transgender madness is really about destroying the family” by Cheryl K. Chumley, who exposes the super-radical agenda really at work: “Its endgame is a society in which everyone is legally de-sexed. No longer legally male or female”

  • “When a president champions insanity” by Walt Heyer, in which a courageous former transgender person takes on Obama’s bathroom directive

  • “Michael Savage: Obama will sabotage economy on the way out,” in which the top-rated radio talker says: “Wait until you see what happens in the last few months if Trump wins”

  • “Why is Obama seeking passage of the most sweeping trade bill in U.S. history?” by Jerome R. Corsi, who reveals that “TPP would be similar to NAFTA – except on a vastly larger scale”

  • “How Syrian Muslim refugees are being sneaked into communities across America” by Leo Hohmann, who profiles Vermont residents who protested after their mayor suddenly announced a new plan, “developed in near-secrecy,” to “welcome” large numbers of Muslims

  • “Obama demands ‘welcoming’ for illegals”

  • “What’s really behind the ‘Ferguson Effect'” by Jeff Roorda, in which the veteran cop explains how “the emboldening of criminals by President Obama” has led to a “war on police”

  • “The key to restoring hope to America” by Dr. Ben Carson, who explains why helping the poor “requires relationships, not money”

“In the end,” explains Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “Obama’s ultimate defense against the reversal of his radical transformation, which has already wreaked unspeakable havoc on America’s economy, national security, military, culture and so much more, is to see that a far-left Democrat successor – Hillary Clinton, unless she is indicted – is elected president.”

He adds: “Putting aside every other toxic thing Hillary Clinton would do if made leader of the free world, just consider that the Supreme Court nominees she would install would render permanent Obama’s catastrophic transformation of the American system. Indeed, the entire progressive-left agenda – including effectively ‘reinterpreting’ the Second Amendment out of existence – could be fast-tracked into a solidly leftwing activist Supreme Court and embedded so deeply in judicial concrete as to be virtually unreachable for generations, regardless of who might be elected to the White House and Congress in 2020 and beyond.”

And that is why, Kupelian concludes, “the ‘Never-Trump’ movement must be considered, at this point, not just wrongheaded, but destructive of the very principles of constitutional conservatism it claims so fervently to uphold.”

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Incredibly, the American public was nearly deprived of the opportunity to read this book. In 2012, popular historian David Barton set out to correct what he saw as the distorted image of a once-beloved Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, in what became a New York Times best-selling book, “The Jefferson Lies.”

Despite the wildly popular success of the original hardcover edition, or perhaps because of it, a campaign to discredit Barton’s scholarship was launched by bloggers and a handful of non-historian academics.

What happened next was shocking – and virtually unprecedented in modern American publishing history. Under siege from critics, the publisher spiked the book and recalled it from the retail shelves from coast to coast. “The Jefferson Lies” is thus a history book that made history, becoming possibly the first book of its kind to be victimized by the scourge of political correctness.

But more than three years later, it is back as an updated paperback edition in which Barton sets the record straight and takes on the critics who savaged his work.

Why did this book spark so much controversy? It could only happen in an America that has forgotten its past. Its roots, its purpose, its identity all have become shrouded behind a veil of political correctness bent on twisting the nation’s founding, and its Founders, beyond recognition. The time has come to remember again.

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Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/06/last-minute-sabotage/#taTdjqHzbmIoJQo1.99

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