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Let’s Be Honest About Our Future – It’s Not Promising

Let’s Be Honest About Our Future – It’s Not Promising

Looking forward based on the zeitgeist of today there is no small amount of oratorical and ecclesiastical commentary, but I will still offer my thoughts pursuant to same.

My first thought is that those blacks crying that “they can’t get a break because of the color of their skin, they ain’t got no job, and the white man’s holding blacks down,” should do the following: shut up, stop making excuses, remove the racial blinders, and take a good look around them. As long as Fox News sanctions the raw racism of the Marxist-negress Jehmu Greene and gives credibility to the Sharptons and Jacksons–black people have no leg to stand on when it comes to the oft-voiced mantra “white racism.”

My second thought is that no one population group enjoys a more transpicuous double standard of overt racism than is permitted blacks. Black racism is endorsed by ignoring and denying it; malevolent anti-social behavior is encouraged vis-a`-vis identifying same as the resultant latent effect of white oppression, and self-segregation is celebrated.

Specific to those points, the cultural divide could be transmogrified into a colorblind and inclusive America, but a rabid Marxist-negress like Jehmu Greene doesn’t want that. Emblematic of her kind (think the Obamas and the Alinskyites), they need victims in order for them to brand others as oppressors; which in turn allows them to foment cries of injustice which allows them to define and then proscribe the remedy to end said oppression. For those like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, it enables them to live lifestyles that 99 percent of blacks cannot begin to imagine. For Fox News, it allows them to subvert and destabilize any hopes of a quick ending of racial animus and disharmony any time soon.

For all of the tax dollars and foolish theorization of how to teach children, public schools are best described as early breeding grounds for future radicals, the home of teachers who will go on strike at a moment’s notice, but the majority cannot teach their way out of a one-student class. Based on the students graduating from most public schools today it will be a very long time before American students enjoy the lofty positions of academic excellence that those of my generation enjoyed. Unless, of course, one counts the growing intrusion of homosexuality, child predators, and teacher-student sex as academic achievement.

My thoughts per what the future holds economically are simple. America and, in truth, most of the world, is doomed. The future will not be as we imagine. That said, I would be inclined to say, “There is not much chance of a future at all.” Europe is toppling under the weight of increased spending and socialist policies.  America has slowly, but just as assuredly, come to accept the failed Euro-socialist programs. Obama, as he promised a select few he met with days before he was elected, is committed to fundamentally changing America into a Marxist state. The only difference between Europe and here is they readily admit they are socialists. Many people in America suffer under the illusion that we are still a representative republic.

We are approaching $17 trillion in debt, and regardless of what we hear, and what politicians say, there is no way out of it. We will be well on the way to $30 trillion in debt in the early 2020′s because neither Obama nor Romney has any intentions of making the kinds of spending cuts necessary to make even a hint of difference. The economics chickens are going to come home to roost and there is no way of stopping them. We can only print so much colored paper with dead-presidents, faces on it to allow for the illusion of things being under control. The uber-wealthy may be able to colonize elsewhere, but that won’t help you and me.

Finally, I believe that it isn’t the debaucherous lifestyles and reprobate practices that America embraces that has stripped America of her morality. It is the debate and defense pursuant to the value and normality of said behaviors that has stripped America of her morality. It’s reducing the existence of the Triune God to an intellectual debate based on an a priori or an a posteriori Santa Claus.

So let me sum it up. We have news entities that are supposed to be fair, balanced, and truthful doing their best to foment and support racial strife. We have children graduating today who are less prepared to advance the nation in whatever field of endeavor they choose than at any time in our history. We are broke, and spending is out of control. We have massive debt and those who have been elected to represent us, have no clue (and no intentions if they did), of how to reduce it. We would be unwise to believe the nation’s debt won’t double in the lifetime of our children. And we have committed our way unto corrupt men because, after all, why should people believe in and place faith in Him they cannot see, Who has established absolutes, and Whom it is easier to accept as a big Burl Ives somewhere in the sky.

Specific to the opening question, when I survey the zeitgeist of today, I see nothing that persuades me we are not living in the last days.

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