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It is not easy to find, or name, an Arab Islamic organization that is not a terrorist organization - or that doesn't support terrorist organizations. Fatah, or the Arabs that live in Judean and Samaria who call themselves "Palestinians", have now joined forces with the terrorist organization Hamas. Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas has now referred to Osama bin Laden as a "great leader" and a "great martyr".  Abbas has been supported by the American administration and has been given billions of dollars over the past few years to build his army.  Many within this "Palestinian" army - a.k.a. the "PA Security Forces" have been fully trained and armed by the American government.  Well, surprise, surprise. They are all now joined together with Hamas in Gaza, as the result of a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt who now control that country along with al-Qaida.  To add insult to injury, Egypt has now opened the Rafah Border crossing between Egypt and Gaza -  giving them freedom of movement to ship more weapons into Gaza for the coming war.  This negates having to use the hundreds of  their smuggling tunnels. Now all that is required is to drive truck loads of weapons and ammunition across the Egyptian/Gazan border. 

With this information in mind it becomes impossible to believe, or understand, how Obama can now still insist that Israel sit and talk with the PA - who are a part [and have always been] of the Terrorist organization whose sworn purpose is to destroy Israel.  With the Islamic Caliphate almost in place across the whole of the Middle East now,  the time for war seems very near indeed. 

I should stay away from this subject, but I will put in my "two cents" worth anyway! To begin with I don't believe anything Obama says "period".  He simply is not capable of telling the truth on any subject.  So I will stick my neck out once more and say there is something very fishy about Osama bin Laden being dumped into the sea so quickly.  You don't give that kind of courtesy to a terrorist who has supposedly killed thousands of Americans unless you are trying to hide something.  As for the pictures that are floating around on the Internet - they look like his head has been freezer burned and placed on a body that doesn't belong to it.  But that is only my opinion, call me what you like for saying so?  So, I will leave it at that - knowing that many of you will have plenty to say about this!  As for the latest Birth Certificate - it is a proven fake and that is a fact, not a "conspiracy theory".

It is also my belief that what Obama has done to the USA, and the world, may be irreversible. One thing is certain; the longer he remains in the Oval Office the worse things will be.  His greatest sin has been, and will continue to be, his treatment of Israel. God cannot lie. Just look around and see the proof of this - His chastisement is already falling upon those nations who are coming against His people Israel. We haven't seen the full extent of that yet. Nevertheless - it's on the way.

As for this ministry we have a commission and those who have been called to come alongside in support have been chosen by God, and I thank God every day for you.  Connie and I have to make many trips this summer if time and finances allow.  One of our most pressing matters is the establishment of emergency communications.  The need for better routes, safe houses and co-ordination between the right people is a logistic problem that constantly changes. We are in need of support and we must have a larger boat as the two 60 footers we now have are simply insufficient. 

In the meantime the needs here in Israel keep pressing in upon us. In the past we have always helped three families who needed help with food and assistance. We know that when we bring new ones here they will need a lot of help also. If we are not prepared now it will be too late when they come to us soon. We need help- and we require finances to meet that need.  For the time being we can only pray knowing that what we are talking about is another Holocaust as Jews are already starting to run for their lives. 

Each one of us can make a difference, and collectively we can make a very large difference.  But it starts with each of us individually. As for the Golden's, we are committed to do our part and make whatever sacrifice is necessary to follow the leading of the Ruach Ha Koddesh (Holy Spirit). 

With all that is happening globally it is easy to be distracted.  I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on Yeshua (Jesus).  Prepare for your family and be very kind to others, for they need what you have to offer.  And if God has partnered you with this Ministry then we need to hear from you. 

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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