Dec. 14 was a sad day at an Oshkosh, Wis., Walmart. Slightly more than a week from Christmas, one of the Salvation Army’s iconic red kettles was stolen from the store. Maybe that’s why a man — who remains a mystery — showed up nine days later with an amazing sign.

The sign, made of cardboard with green writing on it, was hanging from the fashionably dressed man’s neck on Monday.

It wasn’t asking for money. It wasn’t admitting a wrong. Instead, it was talking about how blessed he was, and offering everyone who saw it something: $5.

“Are you kidding me…. This man is AWESOME in front of the Oshkosh Walmart in the falling snow Merry Christmas all!” Sofia Way, who took a photo of the man and posted it on Facebook, wrote.

man at oshkosh walmart

It is unclear who exactly this man is, but he was standing outside a Walmart in Oshkosh recently offering to give a little monetary help to those in need. (Image source: Sofia Way/Facebook) 


The sign reads:

I have a job.

I have a car.

I have a roof over my head.

Do you need $5?

Merry Christmas

The Salvation Army kettle was stolen on Dec. 14 just before a volunteer driver was picking up the donation kettles around town, according to The Northwestern.

On Friday, police released a surveillance snapshot of the suspect they believe might have taken the kettle.

oshkosh red kettle suspect

Oshkosh police released this picture from surveillance footage showing a man pushing a cart with his hood up. They suspect this man of taking the red kettle. (Image source: Oshkosh Police Department via The Northwestern)

“It’s very upsetting and disappointing,” volunteer bell ringer Jim Frey told WLUK-TV. “We’re sure somebody saw him, somebody saw something going on, the same time he is walking out of the store there are a couple customers walking in.”

Capt. Don Karl with Oshkosh’s chapter of the Salvation Army told the new station part of the “outrage” of the theft is that there’s “really is no need to do this.” If this person needed help, he would only need to have asked, according to Karl.

“Sit them down and just ask them what provoked you to do that? Was it out of anger or was it out of desperation or need? If it was out of need come on and see us,” Karl said.

Watch WLUK-TV’s report:

At this point, police are asking for any information that could lead to the identity of the suspect.

If anyone knows the man offering $5 to those in need outside the Walmart, let us know.

Dec. 24, 2013 8:37am