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Obama & Catastrophe as Public Policy: Marx’s Revolution Cometh

At Year Six, Let's Respect Barack by Assuming His Outcomes Are Designed & Desired

Can it possibly come as a shock, given the stunning, leftist trajectory of Obama’s reign—that his current spokesman decorates his house with old USSR posters, and other communist artifacts? In fact, to the extent that Barack’s staff seems to have any ideological bent, it would appear to be communism, and its heroes.

For instance, Anita Dunn—one of Barack’s original Four Horsemen, claimed one of her role models was Chairman Mao, he of the 77 million murdered Chinese. And Obama czars and staffers claiming Mao as a special hero include Van Jones and Financial advisor Ron Bloom.

We should never forget, though, that the name of the game in communism, the engine of change, the purpose of all actions is ultimately the Holy Revolution. For only through a Revolution can hated capitalism be overthrown, and the underclass of America be liberated into socialism and communism. We should also recall that at Marx’s funeral on March 22nd, 1883, his writing partner and financial benefactor Frederick Engels stated,

For Marx was before all else a revolutionist. His real mission in life was to contribute, in one way or another, to the overthrow of capitalist society and of the state institutions which it had brought into being…

So,it’s back to basics.  Marx was only concerned with revolution, because only revolution could hope to liberate all the factors and forces needed to create the new world of socialism. The real problem with Marxism isn’t really its demand for violent overthrow of society, because in theory that could be rejected by its followers. Instead, it is the fact that Marx threw out religion and the Bible, replacing it with his own prophecies, a secular sacred writ, which cannot be rejected, but is always true in all instances.

So if revolution was the most important thing to Marx for building a progressive society, why not for Barack? Further, how many of his anti-American, crazy, or failed actions would this single factor help explain? Undoubtedly we have all the evidence we will ever need to prove that Obama is, in his heart-of-hearts, a true Marxist. Hopefully, with this insight we can be guided to reject him and his ideas in the coming years

I. Revolution in Marxist Theory

Why did Karl Marx believe that revolution had to come before socialism or communism? According to Clarence B. Carson, in Basic Communism: Its Rise, Spread, and Debacle in the 20th Century, “The coming of revolution was not only historically inevitable, according to Marx, but was also necessary for the changes both in man and society.” Marx himself wrote,

Both for the production on a mass scale of this communist consciousness, and for the success of the cause itself, the alteration of men on a mass scale is, necessary, an alteration which can only take place in a practical movement, a revolution; this revolution is necessary, therefore, not only because the ruling class cannot be overthrown in any other way, but also because the class overthrowing it can only in a revolution succeed in ridding itself of all the muck of ages and become fitted to found society anew.

Let’s recall that Marx was not a believer in set human nature, but felt that society and government could help mold human behavior in new ways. He was a believer in Darwin who thought revolution would help guide the evolution of mankind. Marx wanted to use the political system to help man end his alienation from others and himself. The goal was to get rid of all class distinctions, whether through education or the violent elimination of those opposed to communism. Marx thought this would take about 30-40 years.

PH Vigor’s A Guide to Marxism explains how Marx encouraged his followers to destroy capitalism, then set up the ideal communist society in its place. Marx presented his ideas as both scientific and as totally assured, as much predictive as any prophecy from the Bible. He focuses specifically upon what he considered to be the laws of human behavior. As Vigor states, “Clearly, if the achievement of the Revolution is really the greatest possible good, it is essential to do all that one can do to hasten it. Here the end (so Marxists say) most certainly justify the means.”

It was therefore possible to use Marx’s ideas predictively to prove that capitalism would fall under its own weight, since it was inherently immoral. Vigor explains the need for revolution here:

The birth of the new society, however, will not be a matter of an automatic historical process. The ruling class of the old society has enjoyed a lot of privileges (money, leisure, etc.); and the advent of the new one will mean that these must come to an end. Clearly, they will not be forfeited without a struggle; and the whole privileged “class”—will be what is known as the Revolution. Since the new society is fated to supersede Capitalism, and since it cannot come into existence without the Revolution, it follows that the Revolution has equally been decreed by Fate: its coming can be hastened or retarded, but not stopped. No man of goodwill would wish to retard the coming of the Millennium; it is clearly the duty of all such to do everything they can to hasten it. That is to say all Marxists are committed to the furtherance of the Revolution, in those countries where it has already taken place, to its preservation.

The details of the new society which is to follow the Revolution are not, however, known…

But how does Marx justify his radical approach? His violent overthrow of society—where the entire economy and government is tossed out, and where most will be reeducated, and where many others will be murdered to purify society? The key here is Marx’s atheism. Vigor explains how the anti-religious nature of Marxism deeply affects its doctrines, writing:

Clearly, if there is no God, neither morals nor ethics can be of Divine origin. If murder isa crime, that cannot be because God has Himself forbidden it; if unselfishness is a virtue, it is so not because Christ commended it. The origin of morals and ethics, and, in addition, the whole question of what is moral and ethical and what is not, is thrown into the melting-pot.

For Marxists, it would also be apropos for America to be the site of the world’s real first Marxist revolution, since Marx believed that only an advanced capitalist society was fit to be overthrown. Says the Historical Dictionary of Marxism,

According to Marx’s theory, the proletarian revolution would take place in the conditions of an advanced capitalist economy, where technology is advanced and a developed and organized working class in place. England met all the material conditions in terms of its development but lacked “revolutionary spirit.” However, Marx was prepared to be flexible with regard to material economic conditions if other circumstances were favorable to revolution.

II. Obama as Transparent Marxist Revolutionary

Is there a reason that Barack’s decision-making has been so uniformly poor? Many theories have been suggested to explain this rather curious fact. It is difficult, if not impossible to recall an US politician so uniformly out of step with traditional American ideals of capitalism, liberty, patriotism, military, honor, loyalty, sovereignty, faith, Islam and Christianity.

Recently, Alabama Senator Sessions stated the President was purposefully attempting to destroy the US legal system. This is only the latest claim to circulate suggesting Barack wants to mortally wound America, presumably to help force it into a socialist or communist state. As opposed to listing long arguments, let’s just sum up that under the broad categories of Foreign Policy, Energy, US Military, Economics, Budgeting, Law, Deficits, Border issues, Relations with Allies and Enemies, etc. (here is a summary from Discover the Networks)

So why does Barack hate America, if that is his true inner feelings? For many,his background and submersion into socialist and Marxist circles, is a key. For example, one book details his mentor’s Marxism, Paul Kengor‘s The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: the untold story of Barack Obama’s mentor. Overall, the answer begins and ends with the fact that most serious conservative analysts, who have devoted time to studying his policies and statements, conclude Obama is a Marxist. Further, astute observers often conclude Obama is a Fabian, or “slow socialism” operative. The bottom line here is that if Obama is any kind of socialist or communist Marxist, he mustadvocate and foment for a revolution to recycle America.

Finally, instead of hand wringing over whether Barack is a true progressive, or why he could treat as garbage history’s most powerful and prestigious office, let’s simply admit the obvious—at some point in his life, Obama was confronted with the claims of Marxism, and accepted them as deeply, and on the same level, as the most fundamentalist religion.

Now, after six years in office and hundreds of failed major and minor policies, all of which harm America, isn’t it time we stop making excuses and simply allow Barack to be the master of his own outcomes?

III. What Can America do About Obama’s Progressive Policies?

The question of, “What can be done about Barack?” is an important but vexing subject which every patriotic American must spend time pondering. There will be many answers to this question, but here are 10 suggestions, in order of most influential. To survive Barack’s naked socialism, America must:

  1. Experience a revival to regain our spiritual edge.
  2. Figure out how to get parents to marry and stay together.
  3. Rebuild a quality education system, while teaching government, US history, logic, rhetoric and capitalism.
  4. Update and rebuild the US military without drastic cuts.
  5. Pass laws favoring work over welfare.
  6. Strengthen borders and punish illegals while encouraging desirable foreigners to enter lawfully.
  7. Reduce and eliminate deficit spending.
  8. Restore patriotism and America first pride.
  9. Restore integrity to US science.
  10. Make every change available to build up US business, while reforming the tax code.

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