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Obama’s Hammer & Sickle ready to drop on the Free World - Imagine Living in a Socialist USA, World Post

Barack Obama doesn’t just have a pen and a telephone, he’s got a hammer and sickle too. 

The battle lines of the promised Marxist Revolution are being perfected as we go about our daily lives,  and Obama’s hammer and sickle will drop on the Western worldnow that it’s 2014.

Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ is only Stage 1 of a breathtaking world takeover plan.  Obama and the fomenting-for-revolution Marxists won’t wait until 2016 to deliver their ‘New Socialist USA’.

This is just for openers: Emboldened by Barack Obama’s twice-repeated reminder “I have a pen and a telephone” to bypass Congress whenever he chooses, the uber rich of the far left are readying to take over the digital world.

The takeover of the digital world comes in the form of a billions-of-dollars-supported ‘Huffpo-going-global new ‘news site’  to be called the World Post.  The far left has always been ingenious at coming up with benign-sounding names.

The World Post  will be launched at the annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, where Arianna Huffington, in partnership with billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, is taking Huffpo global.

As the far left waits with bated breath for the arrival of the World Post, their friends in the book world have come out with a book intended as the blueprint for the new Obama-led ‘Socialist USA’.  Imagine Living in a Socialist USA contains a vociferous demand for “the third American Revolution”.

These are the hypocritical ground-rules of the far left:  It’s okay to be a capitalist if you come from the far left.  Smear, smother and suppress all capitalists from the other side.

Rebirth of Socialism: ‘Made in America, For America and Far Beyond’

Most experts looked to Russia for the Rebirth of Socialism, but what’s coming down the pike in 2014 could honestly be stamped ‘Made in America, For America and Far Beyond’.

The big player lineup bringing about what they quaintly call this ‘Brave New World’ are the über rich of the far left.  Fat Cat malcontents, one and all.

In the case of the Huffpo-gone-global World Post, it’s indefatigable players like, Bill Gates and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair spewing their poison-for-pay at the world in a ‘news site’ that, according to its co-founder Nicolas Berggruen, doesn’t need money to sustain its shelf life. 

The fat cats behind the new book Imagine Living in a Socialist USA, include unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and shock-u-mentary garrulous guru Michael Moore, among other extremist radical and liberal ‘journalists’.

“Bill Ayers claims American nationalized schooling a failure of capitalism,” writes Sean Long of CNS News. “Michael Moore hopes for an unstoppable occupy Wall Street…in 2011.”

It is now, of course, 2014,  but OWS members still foment for revolution in well-heated corners of Mama’s basement,  and only a little older and a little fatter will be ready to take to the streets at the moment they are called back to duty.

If capitalism failed American Nationalized Schooling,  it did not fail for fat cat Billy Ayers, who has been living the dolce vita even in the aftermath of the bombs tossed by the Weather Underground, the group he co-founded.  Ayers lives a comfortable, rich man’s life in Chicago as one of the called-upon stars of academe.

Few did more for the failure of public education than Ayers, who teamed up with Barack Obama in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, one of 18 locally designed Annenberg Challenge project sites that received $387 million over five years as part of Walter Annenberg’s gift of $500 million over five years to support public school reform.  The founding board of directors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge included Barack Obama, Community Organizer. 

Moore glorifies OWS in Imagine Living in a Socialist USA, gloating that “Occupy Wall Street enjoys the support of millions.  It cannot be stopped”.

“The new book was edited by Frances Goldin who praises “life-enhancing socialism” in the preface.  The 281-page manifesto showcases 31 utopian essays written by dangerous criminals, prominent liberals, and self-described communists—all for just $10.11.” (CNS News, Jan. 22, 2014)

One of the biggest hypocrisies of the hustling Fat Cats of both endeavours is that they claim to be against the same capitalist system that made them all fabulously rich.  As rich fat cats, with no worries of paying the rent or mortgage,  they are now working on a system that enslaves citizens with no jobs or savings.

Perversely they are the same fat cats they are loudly professing to fight—the 1% made famous by their slavish followers in the put-on-hold-till-needed OWS.

Both World Post and Socialist blueprint advocates push Communist China as the road into the new utopian world.

Obama’s Marxist misery

Now that it’s 2014 and they can see that their revolution is ready to knock the USA off the map, all Marxists push feverishly for the Rebirth of Socialism in the Land of the Founding Fathers.

Imagine Living in a Socialist USA editor Goldin is not the only one who praises “life-enhancing socialism”, her comrades in high places, including United Nations Climate Chief Christiana Figueres said only last week: “Democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming.”  “Communist China”, she said, “is the best model.”

Socialism is not “life-enhancing”.  Socialism kills the human soul and leaves nothing but misery in its wake.

No one has to “imagine living in a Socialist USA”, they now live it in Obama’s Marxist misery.

Many are upset to hear Obama repeat that he has a pen and a phone.  They should remember that he has a hammer and a sickle at the ready to destroy the centuries-old freedom of the Western world.

By Judi McLeod  Saturday, January 25, 2014 

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