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Let me see if I have this straight.


Barack Obama is threatening to do the following if Republicans don’t approve raising the record debt limit, allowing him to spend trillions more on the backs of Americans not yet born:

  • He won’t pay active-duty military personnel overseas fighting for their country and risking their lives and limbs;
  • He won’t send out Social Security checks;
  • He won’t make Medicare payments;
  • He won’t pay interest on the debt he has already accumulated, deliberately prompting a default and destroying America’s credit rating;


He’ll do this not because there isn’t money to make all of these payments in the treasury, but because he wants to blackmail and bully Republicans and ordinary Americans who have made themselves dependent on government and to keep borrowing so he can do all of the following:

  • subsidize Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills;
  • subsidize the political propaganda of PBS and NPR;
  • provide the monetary support for his Obamacare death panels and the complete federal takeover of the most personal and private medical decisions Americans make on a daily basis;
  • pay alms to radical Islamists around the world by rebuilding and repairing mosques in some of the wealthiest countries in the world – including countries that forbid worship by Christians and Jews and other non-Muslims;
  • conduct more pseudo-scientific research into aberrant sexual behavior;
  • continue the existence of unwanted and unconstitutional agencies and departments of the federal government such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Energy;
  • continue to pay "entitlements" directly to Americans to buy their votes for future Democratic candidacies including his own;
  • fund radical activist groups like ACORN;
  • send money overseas in the form of foreign aid;

In other words, Obama threatens to use his power in a premeditated way to harm the country if he doesn’t get his way.

Make your voice heard by participating in the "No More Red Ink" campaignbefore it's too late.

And what do the Republicans who were elected last year for the express purpose of holding Obama in check do about it?

Speaker of the House John Boehner
Do they impeach him?

No, they bargain.

They negotiate.

They try to make deals.

They compromise.

They don’t even alert the American people to the hideous, anti-American, spiteful, shameful game Obama is playing.

I’ve been warning you about what was coming since January of this year, when I told you the Republicans you elected in 2010 had only one option for stopping Obama this year – only one option to shut him down, only one option to begin turning America around from the precipice Obama the destroyer has the nation racing toward.

That option is simply saying no to raising the debt limit.

I commend the Americans who took part in the program I launched to persuade Republicans to man up – the"No More Red Ink" campaign that has buried members of the House GOP majority in more than 1 million red letters this year to date. There’s still time to participate, but it’s getting late.

Sadly, I know of no other program with the potential of persuading Republicans against giving up the power they have by caving in to Obama’s outrageous, dictatorial demands.

You can pray.

You can make phone calls until you’re blue in the face.

You can write letters to all 240 Republicans in the House yourself, which will take a lot of time and much more money.

Or you can make your voice heard most effectively, economically and efficiently by participating in the "No More Red Ink" campaign before it’s too late.

It’s your choice.

And, tragically, -- and I don’t know how to say this any more bluntly and truthfully -- it’s literally America’s funeral we’re trying to avoid.

Joseph Farah
Editor and Chief Executive Officer

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