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Google tells James Demore “YOU’RE FIRED!”

by Cherylynn Costner:

Excuse me, but can I be offended too?  Since when must men not talk about gender differences or it becomes “Sexual Abuse”?  Have these bureaucrats ever stopped and considered that some women actually have people trying to have sex with them, and by diluting the meaning to include Constitutionally protected Free Speech that makes a mockery of sexual abuse, and THAT OFFENDS ME!

Is it legal to drug test the panel at the Labor Board?  Perhaps they need some paid leave to get outside more often and remind themselves that there is a REAL WORLD out there!!  Please take the muzzle off of men.  Men have rights too and women, is it still legal to say that I am a woman without getting permission so I do not offend some one who is still leaning the A, B, C’s of how to know which gender they are/might/could be?  If I dare say, as a woman, I am offended by the new social morals being imposed to work places where women have become harassed and discriminated against by science.  If I have a difference of opinion I can speak my mind, it is called talking.  I do not need ‘Feeling Police’ keeping me safe in business.  I need unwanted sexual advances stopped.  Time for continuation education for the Labor Board if they can’t tell the difference. When teachers get criminally charged for making students learn the Pledg...e if seems like the fox may be guarding the hen house again.


If diversity is so good, which is why we have dozens of new genders being forcefully thrust into state laws and even military legal considerations, then how is it that facts are being called “Disruptive of Work Place Environment?”  Back up, your steam roller is crushing my toe and your :”political Correctness” is likely to:

  1. Lead to such a high number of sexual harassment incidents that employers will not have time to look into them all, and therefore just hire men instead of women.
  2. Men will be encouraged to be more aggressive because if a woman protests being grabbed or molested, if not raped, it can be played down as “water fountain talk”.
  3. Speaking the Truth is protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, even if there are disagreements with what the facts may or may not be.  This is America, not Korea where you have to chose between the 14 authorized hair cuts, we can even own Bibles.  We do not need to be told what we can say at work.  It is hostile sexual, like bringing up sexual desires aimed at employee that IS the issue.

In theater it was illegal for women to preform on stage in England until King Charles II demanded real women to play the roles of women.  Nell Gwynne became the 1st female actress and later gave birth to 2 sons to the King.  The great revolution to theater never went back.  There have been Queen Shows to keep up the fine art of male to female transformation, and lots of films were we have seen our favorite actors playing women’s roles.  One of my all time favorite was Some Like it Hot.  A light hearted film about a couple of musician who were in the wrong place at the wrong time a were seen witnessing a mob murder.  In fear for their lives they dress as women and befriend a lovely girl who helps them skirt around the hit men now looking for them.

Western culture has flip flopped back and forth for millennium on sexual gender matters, it is not like President Obama invented it.  However, he had personal reasons to shove it to the forefront of the social arena.  May be part of why all his personal records were sealed.  

Does this photo look Photoshop to you?

Hillary never had thick eye brows.  What kind of fools do they think we are?

You do not have to answer that last question, the point is that once we start taking ourselves to seriously it isn’t funny anymore. This is not North Korea.  We do not need rules on proper ways to string sentences together.

Thank God there is still freedom of the press.  At least I hope so. It might have just been a scapegoat for Google since word got out how they are more than just a tech company. Mr. Demore could be their fall guy; they divert the attention to more important things, like how science offends women.  Yeah, right . . . lol!

The Trump Times is an important online news source where at least people like me who are offended by the over reach of the Labor Board into so-called sexual harassment or discrimination discussion of science can say that without being kicked off the net.  Please let your friends know about this news source and become involved by commenting below.  Those who sleep on their rights may lose them.  Let’s keep freedom of speech FREE!  MAGA!!


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