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Prophecies Can Bring Repentance and Intercession

    We have been using the prophecies that I made about serious earthquakes and volcanic eruptions coming upon the U.S. West Coast to discuss how we handle such revelations, and how we can expect them to be taken or interpreted by those who hear them. 

     Some seem to think that because people don’t receive the words well, they must be wrong. I think that the Scriptures and history teach us otherwise. We should always be open to correction and listen to the pushback, but it is a mistake to think we’ve missed something because people reject it, including strong Christians and even Christian leaders. 

     We may also have wrong expectations if we think that because our word comes true we are then going to be accepted and trusted. This may be the result with some, but even as we see with the Lord Jesus Himself and His accurate prophecies, it did not turn many people to Him. What they did do were to help those who could hear His voice to be prepared, and in the case of the destruction of Jerusalem, be spared.

     My confidence in these words was high when I shared them a few months ago, and it has grown since then. Even so, as I shared then, I do believe that until they actually happen there is time to lessen the impact and the loss with repentance and intercession. We have many examples of how merciful and patient the Lord is. Right now my prayer for this situation is for more time so that the repentance and intercession might arise that can reduce the losses, and even more important, turn many people from the way that leads to destruction to the path of life. 

     A lot has been said about me to discredit these words, but if you think about it, I was put in a no win situation from the beginning as far as peoples’ opinions were concerned. I don’t think the Lord is all that concerned about my reputation, and I don’t want to be either for the wrong reasons, but if there were any personal advantages I could have received out of giving these words, I have failed to see them. I will look bad until these events unfold. If what I saw does happen without any lessening, it will be too terrible to contemplate. For myself there is not a win in this, except for the reward that is received for being obedient. 

     The Lord knows that I am not lying when I say I would easily give my own life without even thinking if it would prevent this from happening. Like everyone, I’ve known grief at the loss of loved ones, but the grief I’ve experienced in seeing this, and in intercession over it, has been the worst grief I have ever felt many times over. It is so intense that I don’t know if I will be able to bear it when it actually happens. I do not share these words casually because I know the Lord hears them, but I think I would much rather be at ground zero and go with those who are lost than have to bear that grief afterward. 

     I’m not just sharing this to convince you of my motives, but that I might wake up others to just how serious this is. I don’t know how anyone could live very long with the grief I’ve been feeling about these impending disasters. Having people mad at you is petty compared to this burden. I have had prophetic burdens a number of times, but I do not remember anything close to this. 

     If my words, and those of others, have the effect of causing the repentance and intercession that will greatly lessen these events, I know that I will still look bad to many. I have no expectations of any personal benefit coming from this until the Judgment Day, but I am more than okay with that. I’ve seen the Judgment Day. I’ve seen the judgment seat of Christ. I know I can trust His judgments, and I know that nothing on earth could ever compare to the glory that awaits those who serve Him. The way people think about us in this life is not important. What is written about us in the present history books is not important. What is important is doing our job and what is written about us in God’s history books, which are the Books of Life.

     Now if you have only been semi-offended by these words about the West Coast, what I will share over the next couple of weeks should push you over into the fully offended position. I am not trying to be offensive, but I do feel compelled to be increasingly straightforward with what I have seen and the strongholds that are keeping people from the repentance that could save many.


by Rick Joyner

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Comment by Raising Up A Standard on September 10, 2011 at 1:36pm

I remember when there were many more ministers who were members of this network who refused to stop bashing Rick Joyner and other prophets of God here and had to be removed as members because of their rebellion to the prophets and the prophetic word of the Lord.  This has been a challenging two years weeding out the profane...what a special network of God's Generals we have here now.  I am in awe of his workings here in this body of apostolic prophetic ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  


Comment by Raising Up A Standard on September 8, 2011 at 1:28pm
Pray for the prophet Rick Joyner as you prophets know sometimes it is not easy carrying the word of the Lord.

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