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Racism in the USA: Black Democrat Leadership Admits They Hate White People

By Calvin A Johnson

How is racism kept burning in The African-American Community? The Ethos of the racist mantra begins at home, but Black Politicians keep the fires of racism fully stoked throughout the days and nights. After the social revolution of the mid 60’s and 70’s Black Caucus Democratic Politicians kept their racist agenda behind closed doors. Recently, however, the Black Democratic Politicians have allowed their vitriol to find the light of day.

They believed you can not overplay the Racist Card. Louis Farrakhan and his “Nation of Islam”, perhaps the most nefarious group of avowed racists in America has been openly praised by The Democratic Black Caucus. How? A supposed meeting in 2005 took place and was captured on video. The 21 members of The Black Caucus refused to refute the poisonous racist ideology of the race hustling Farrakhan.

Did The DNC condemn this racist allegiance? Don’t hold your breath! People like Farrakhan and the late Dick Gregory build monstrous forest fires of racism. They sit back and dance with glee like racist pyromaniacs they have become! Both Farrakhan and Gregory have never seen a conspiracy too vile to turn into a racist rant about “White People.”

What ordinary Americans do not quite understand is the indoctrination process served up by this type of individual. The Black community is rent with violent psychopaths and sociopaths who delight in performing acts of violence on white people whenever an opportunity presents. Consider the four young Blacks who viciously attacked a white special needs, young man. Not one of the four received jail time; why? A Progressive Liberal Judge, that’s why,

So, given the reality of the Black Democratic Caucus, we can assert that reverse violent racism is alive and well in The Halls of Congress. Maxine Waters, and Al Green et. al. are nothing more than sick depraved violent race hustlers being allowed to sit in The House of Congress. Openly the Black Caucus is violating the “All Men Are Created Equal”Credo. Every moderate and every conservative should be up in arms about the despicable acceptance of racism in its most virulent form. Political pressure must be brought to bear on these people to render their malicious racist ideology inert. America must not allow this sickness to remain untreated.

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