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We must go through a period of regaining confidence in our renewed relationship with God.  You would be surprised to know how many people that form congregations in America that lack a passionate security in the power of God.  Common sense has replaced faith.  Human will has replaced spirit led direction.  There are those who relate to God only in a spiritual bondage.  They cannot relate to liberty and power that flows from the connection to God.


Terms like "prayer, faith, ministry, and fellowship" have seemed to lose their impact.  This is a time where faith in God is seemingly outdated and over-hyped.  Religious ritual and dogmas have spread like wildfire in our churches today.  Allegiances to unscriptural teachings, personal preferences and opinion has snuffed out the mighty hand of God in some regions.  It seems like anything other than "Christian" is the stronger and most sought after.  The mindset of ministry being weak and unable to relate to the changing times and seasons is growing into various cultures and even members of the churches themselves!


Is there a word from God in these times?  Is there a different way to release the powers of God in the regions and regain the confidence of church?  There are those who have been fed of wrong, but sincere, measures.  There are those who have thought they accepted the Lord, but have had their faith and allegiance "crash land" in a field of doubt, worry, and despair!  What have we done?  Is there a word from God in these times?  No matter how sincere the teaching, if it is wrong, IT'S WRONG!  The "sincerely wrong" may give you fellowship with people, but you will lose your hunger for the perfect reality of God.  The "sincerely wrong" may give you church membership , but you will be ignorant of the present truth and movements of God in the earth.  The "sincerely wrong" will teach you about God, but you will live life not knowing God and who He is in you!  


Is there a word from God in these times?  Is there a people who have been entrusted with the revelation of the life of God and walk in it?  They know they are not perfect, but they posses the perfect hunger for the life in Him.  There are teachers out there who must fight against the "first", but wrong impression of God that has been embedded in the hearts of men and even those in the church, who has placed the authority of their lives in the "sincerely wrong"

government of a church and movement built by a good man or woman who "only knew to do what they knew to do"...


No fault to men and women who gave their lives to express the gifts and limited knowledge to the church.  However, in this prophetic session of life that we live, the ministry of the kingdom should be fully expressed to the max!  This is a season of the Holy Spirit reactivating ministry and truth to a level of personal inventory and allegiance.  Who and what do we belong to, the sincerely wrong or living Truth?  You will finally see if God is really impacting your life or if we are "just paying our religious dues."  Do we believe in the power of God and do we believe we have His power inside of us?


Is there a word from God in these times?  Is there a word that will rekindle our confidence, not just an accepted, but unapplied principle, in God?  You see, there are things about God that we accept as truth, but it's a truth that we do not live or embrace!  We read and accept that we are the sons of God, but is that revelation a living, everyday experience?  But, there is a people.  These people are here in the earth, right now!  They are perceived to be "out there" and unbalanced.  They are highly misunderstood and looked at as "heavenly minded, but no earthly good".  They have hungered for something that a good man or good woman cannot give them.  Just as the word says that Abraham looked for a city "whose Builder and Maker is God, a city not made with hands.


There is a people who are happy for something a good service or dogma cannot make!  They are hungry for something that "hype" cannot make.  Only God can fulfill this hunger.  There is a people who have a hard time getting to God because of the "church terms and words" that still seem ineffective (prayer, fellowship, revival, etc.)  They do not want a "church glory".  They want His Glory.  They are tired of a person "incorporating the Glory" and becoming the sole owner of the Glory.  That time is over, simply over....


Is there a word from God in these times?  Yes, I believe there is.  Can you hear it? 






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