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REPORT: Maxine Waters hobnobs with Nation of Islam leader


California Rep. Maxine Waters has publicly denounced President Donald Trump a racist, but she has openly embraced Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, hugging him like a dear friend (see video below) as she joined members of the Congressional Black Caucus to meet with the virulent anti-Semite in 2006.

Farrakhan, who has defended Palestinian suicide bombers, is also pals with President Barack Obama. This fact, which was caught on camera, was ignored by the liberal media.

A report in The Daily Caller recalled a California convention in 2002 led by Farrakhan and attended by Waters.

“We have Maxine Waters here,” Farrakhan told the convention audience, gesturing to the seats behind him, “our great congresswoman from this area.” The audience cheered Waters’ name.

Later in his speech, Farrakhan excused Palestinian suicide bombers and defended Iran for arming Palestinian terrorists.

Farrakhan criticized the United States for providing Israel with planes and other weapons, which he indicated was to blame for Palestinian suicide bombers.

“The Palestinians have nothing to defend themselves with, so they’re so exhausted and exasperated, think about that, strapping bombs to themselves, making themselves a weapon,” Farrakhan said.

“And then for the world to get upset because Iran or somebody is trying to send them some weapons. Wait a minute. If you were Jewish and you saw unarmed Jews being persecuted, wouldn’t you come to your brothers’ aid? Do you expect Muslims to see their brothers suffering like that and not come to their aid?”

The photo that never saw the light of day: Obama with Farrakhan in 2005

A photograph of then-senator Barack Obama, taken at a 2005 Congressional Black Caucus meeting by award-winning journalist Askia Muhammad was reportedly hidden away for nearly 13 years, for fear it would hurt Obama’s political career.

SHE’S RADICAL: Here’s Maxine Waters hugging anti-Semite, American hating, Hitler loving Louis Farrakhan; Leader Of the Nation Of Islam in 2006!

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