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Scott Walker lets more air out of the Marxist balloon

Scott Walker lets more air out of the Marxist balloon

When Bill Clinton joined Barack Obama for a fund raiser in New York earlier this week to say a Mitt Romney presidency would be “calamitous” for the country it was the most inane utterance he had made since once saying, “it depends on what the definition of is, is.” Take a good look at the guy. He’s not just hitting the sauce hard again, he must be taking it in an intravenous drip.


While time most certainly has not been kind to Clinton’s appearance, however, it does not mean that a mere twelve year absence from the center ring at the circus could cause him to forget the art of weaving a political web or how to play a good game of snooker. When he came out last Friday to praise Mr. Romney’s business career as “sterling” Obama jumped into his lap like a child talking to Santa Claus. All appeared settled over the weekend after Obama foolishly thought fundraising appearances with Clinton would somehow settle the choppy waters of apparent discord and show solidarity between the two prominent men of the party. Certainly, things seemed calmed for awhile as Clinton delivered the requisite bromides, did the predictable u-turn and attacked Mr. Romney in the aforementioned fashion, but then the fun started. Obama had ceded the spotlight to Slick Willy, not just once but for three consecutive nights. What on earth could he have been thinking?


Relegated to understudy status, the sitting president of the United States has been no more than a stage prop, a potted plant wilting under the heat of the moment and in dire need of water while Clinton has eerily morphed into an imitation of Al Gore-Unhinged, complete with red face, bulging veins, and a vociferousness rarely seen from the ultimate political huckster. Clinton turned the tables so quickly on Obama one can only shudder to think how Putin will put him through the meat grinder if another term magically materializes. Clinton proceeded to do what he does best, and that is to maximize the moment to bring all attention to himself, and he succeeded therein by reducing Obama’s presence to a mere afterthought. He is the opening act and main event all rolled into one. He reached deep into his bag of tricks, put his entire repertoire on display, and reduced the introduction of Mr. Obama to something akin to an aging star patting a youngster on the back and saying, “OK, kid. Show ‘em what you got.”


He reminded people of how HE (and NOT a Republican Congress) balanced a budget eight consecutive years, how He brought about welfare reform, kept unemployment low, and how HE created a surplus, and in so doing, minimized and marginalized the very man he was ostensibly there to help, while schooling Team Obama on the law of unintended consequences. Clinton’s pontificating, understandably, is the palaver that nourishes fat cat donors, but the juxtaposition of his achievements, real or otherwise, illuminated the policy failures of the floundering Obama administration to such a degree that Romney was made to seem like a perfect antidote to Captain Hope and Change.


Was Clinton’s act unplanned? Did being thrust back into the limelight somehow make him lose sight of his real purpose? Hardly. Nobody with his experience in the political arena makes “mistakes” like that three nights in a row. Clinton is vendetta driven, still bitter how Obama short-circuited his and Hillary’s master to plan for a 16 year reign, and all the old pro had to do this week was deliver a few body shots to the amateur and he immediately dropped his hands. Clinton not so subtly punctuated his performance with one final blow by concluding that he would be in favor of “renewing tax cuts for now”, a quintessential example of Clinton-double-speak that really says don’t raise taxes, and undercuts yet another Obama course of action.

The platform played beautifully into Clinton’s hands at the expense of the president, for it gave him the opportunity to trumpet the highlights in his never-ending mission to make people forget he was impeached, that he dodged several sexual assault charges, had a clandestine department of high level operatives to clear the landscape of potential threats, a bimbo eruption team on retainer, and surrendered his law license for perjuring himself in front of a Federal judge.


After enduring three nights of backhanded compliments from a political enemy in sheep’s clothing, Mr. Obama must have felt like he slept in a cement mixer upon learning Wisconsin voters repudiated every aspect of his radical ideology by affirming their support for Scott Walker, the governor who has tamed the union dragon, eliminated a $3 Billion deficit, brought prosperity back to the state and lowered unemployment to roughly 6% without so much as raising taxes or printing a single dollar. At a time when Mr. Obama pleads stridently for the political viability of his policies, Scott Walker let more air out of the Marxist balloon, demonstrating that the unions of 2012 are no longer your father or grandfather’s union and instead self-serving, profligate organizations with a sense of privilege for themselves, willing to enrich leadership and members alike at taxpayer’s expense.

The confluence of events this week could not have been worse for Mr. Obama and never better for the country, and those two things seem to go hand in hand.

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