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The Blissfulness of Those In Sanford
You know, there are times that the ignorance of some people can just make you sick. Growing up we had a saying, it was: “Ignorance is bliss and there are a lot of blissful people out there.” And the Trayvon Martinshooting has increased the ranks of the blissful exponentially.

I’m going to be excoriated for what I’m about to say, but the truth is my defense. Those blacks whose theology is victimology, and who worship in the first church of Satan pastored by hatred with animus as the choir director – need to fall prostrate before the Triune God, confess their ignorance and seek forgiveness. But they won’t, because that wouldn’t garner the media attention that Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama prostitute as currency for their ungodly motivations.

I have said from the outset, that the shooting of Martin was tragic and it was tragic for all concerned. But, that said, it was/is a time for the grace of God to called upon, not calls for the Sanford Police Chief to be murdered and not for the $10,000 bounty established by the New Black Panther Party. Permit me to digress for a moment. Isn’t posting a bounty to be paid to the individual who does another harm, under the guise of doing the job the police won’t, illegal? Can you imagine if a white college fraternity offered a bounty for the jackbooted black panthers who intimidated voters in Philadelphia in 2010? The of cries of racism would be greater than they are with the Martin shooting. But, as I said, I digress.

Sharpton and Jackson were quick to take their special form of extortion and profiteering in the Duke Lacrosse case to the Duke campus. And one of the most foolishly absurd things I have heard came from a black woman who said: “The Duke lacrosse players wouldn’t have gotten into this situation in the first place had they not hired black strippers for the purposes of degrading them. Hence, I don’t feel sorry for them one bit.” I will not mention her name, because I refuse bring attention to her so-called blog for black moderates, which in itself deserves a wink-wink. I argue Crystal Mangum, degraded herself by being a prostitute and whore who sold her naked body for the pleasure of men, women, other, i.e., whoever waved the money.

Of course that pesky fact that the boys were innocent, and that Mangum had made everything up, nor the fact that no one forced Mangum to be a woman who sold herself, for the pleasure of who whoever showed her a few dollars – wasn’t going to stand in the way of the haters.

I took the time to interview the U. S. attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, in the Jena Six case. He graciously gave me over an hour of his time. It was staggeringly repugnant that even lawyers and police officers that I spoke to, had no idea what had truly taken place in Jena, yet they were parroting Jena was racist. The moment the television cameras showed up so did Sharpton and Jackson. Being the contemptible human beings they are, they never admitted they were wrong about what actually happened, nor did they apologize for inciting hostility by blacks toward not just a few students, but against the school and community.

The real criminal and perpetrator of the cowardly attack on another student, was a black student, who was even then on his way to becoming a career criminal and life long incarcerant. But Michael Bell’s burgeoning criminal career was overlooked by NAACP and the music industry awards program, both of which groups applauded him – going so far as to have him make an appearance at the awards presentation. Even as he was facing probation violations in addition to new charges.

So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when we see a photo of a gold-tooth, gangsta’ wannabe, looking like he had his hair braided at “jemu’s appliance store,” decked out in the “pussy ass cracker” tee-shirt with George Zimmerman’s picture on it. The tee-shirt is being sold on the streets in Sanford.

Now! I ask you, who are the real haters? I ask you, who are the real violators of civil rights and justice? I ask you, does the photo of Trayvon Martin look like a 17 year-old teenager? I ask you, why Obama isn’t ordering Holder and his misnomered Department of Justice, to put these people on notice, that they’ll be held accountable if their actions are deemed to have led to injury, harm, or the death of the Police Chief or Mr. Zimmerman? I’ll tell you why – it’s because the Department of Justice, under Obama and Holder, only equates justice as punishing a white person where blacks are involved.

As I said, the shooting was a tragic for everyone. But Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, and the “whitey did it” crowd are not helping their cause by behaving as they are. More and more is coming out that undermines attempts to portray Martin as model young man. It is looking more and more, that he at the very least, was not the model teenager, they would have us believe.

But this ceased to be about truth and became about revenge moments after the shooting was found to have exploitive qualities. Black haters, in conjunction with a compliant and cooperative media, have been about misleading the public and manipulating emotions from the outset – as a sad and tragic life was taken from us.

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