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The Great Assembly

God is calling forth His apostolic reformers.


I was standing beside a very large and handsome young man who was obviously the angel of the Lord. He was very gracious in his demeanor, yet his posture was as one who stood ready for battle at all times. When he first greeted me he said, “You are invited to stand before the Great Assembly.”

That was the beginning of a dream I will never forget. After hearing his words, I was instantly transported in the spirit to another place. I could sense that I had entered a realm that was separate in time, yet parallel to the dimension of the present. I was outside the confines of man’s habitation. I was in the spirit.


As I opened my eyes, I walked into a large tent with sawdust on the floor. Many were cheering and enjoying what looked like a revival meeting in progress. I heard radio and television announcements of the great and coming attractions. “Come and be blessed! Tonight God will heal the sick.” The tent was filled with a carnival and festive atmosphere. There were lots of songs, singing, preaching and excitement.

Even though there was a great crowd it was apparent that something was not right. As I walked inside the large, red and white striped tent I could see that it had been roped off in sections with many long lines. The lines were used to keep the people moving in a controlled and ordered fashion. Many people, however, were becoming frustrated, even bitter with despair because they had to wait so long in the lines.


On the platform everything looked good, even perfect, but you could tell that behind the scenes something was in disorder that was causing the leaders of the tent meeting to leave their positions of service. This lack of leaders made the lines even longer.

On the ground in front of me, covered by sawdust and wood shavings was a large old Bible. I was amazed that no one noticed it as they walked by. Others even stepped on it as they entered the long lines of waiting. Every time someone would start to look at the Bible they would instead be attracted by an advertisement of blessing. In my heart I was grieved that people didn’t notice the Word but were continually diverted by all the sights and sounds. “Right this way,” the ushers would shout. “Come and be blessed,” was heard throughout the tent. Then I heard a loud angelic voice declare, “This is not the great assembly. Transitions in time.” The show was over.


Suddenly I was transported to a building the angel called “The Room of Preparation.” Once again, it was full of many distractions. It was the place where one’s heart is prepared to reach the great assembly. The angel of the Lord showed me that unless ones’ heart is prepared, then their ministry couldn’t come forth in fullness.

I looked around and saw many who were in the room of preparation. Some, however, that had made it past the tent meeting were in the room of preparation for the wrong reason.

There were several other people present whom the angel revealed had been divinely called and also assigned to the great assembly. I tried to communicate with them but they were being distracted by the sounds of various events taking place at the tent meeting.

Unfortunately, those whose hearts didn’t break away from the show in the tent were pulled out of the room of preparation and put in the back of a line in the tent. The angel of the Lord told me it was because they had their hearts fixed on their own ministries and walked away from their time of preparation. Then the angel said, “This is not the great assembly. New times and seasons! On to the next place.”


After leaving the room of preparation I was taken to the next place, where I saw a beautiful white church building. It had a very large steeple and, atop some slate steps, giant wooden double entry doors. As the doors swung open I could hear the sound of an old organ playing softly in the background. As I crossed the threshold into the sanctuary there was a musty smell in the air. I could tell that I was entering a very old church building.

It had dark, heavily ornate wooden paneling on the walls and massive stained glass windows. A man greeted me at the door and said, “Hymns lad.” He continued, “Silent. Reverence please. The great debate is about to take place.” Then an usher, dressed in black with white gloves approached me and escorted me to the front of the church. I could hear the squeaking of the old wooded floor under my feet as I looked at thousands of people who were assembled inside the building. “Is this the great assembly,” I wondered?


The usher pointed to a row in the front of the church where I was seated directly in front of the pulpit. There was no one preaching to those who were assembled. The congregation was completely silent. Off to my right, and next to the platform, was a place of special seating with hundreds of religious leaders from various denominations. There were many religious theology books on these leaders’ laps. They were turning the pages of their books as if they were in a frantic search for some vital information. I heard one ask, “Where is the grace to move forward?” 

Most of the religious leaders looked very old and were in poor health. It seemed that they had entered a great debate over some sort of religious doctrine. I looked down at the Word of God in my hand and thought that they should look in this Book for their answers. To my surprise it didn’t seem that anyone was interested in it. It seemed as though there was an air of indifference concerning the Word of God. After all, they had written their own theological books.

I asked the angel of the Lord, “Am I supposed to sit in my assigned section until someone calls on me to minister to the people?” “No,” he responded, “These are all religious leaders of various denominations.” I told him I didn’t belong to any denomination and asked him where I should sit. The angel looking directly at me said, “This is not where you are to minister. You are only to pass through this place. These leaders are only ministering to one another. Soon the doors to this place will be shut. You are called to the great assembly.” Then, after a slight pause, he said, “Come now, the great assembly is gathering. We must hurry.”



From there we climbed through a winding maze of stairs and corridors. It seemed that it would take forever to scale to the top. Then finally, after a long struggle, a door appeared before us. It had a little sign on it that read “Ministry Success.” As I opened the door it seemed that I had finally arrived. I could sense the overwhelming feeling of prosperity, success and achievement in this room.


There before me were many great Christian leaders all having a joyous time enjoying the fruit of their hard work. They were laughing and talking to one another. Sharing stories of trying times, hardships and how they had overcome so many obstacles to their callings.

There were also people playing all sorts of interesting games, watching sports, being entertained by pleasures of all kinds. It was a place where there were no more ministry burdens, no heavy loads and everything seemed so perfect. Was this the great assembly?

I approached many of God’s leaders, asking them if they knew where the great assembly was. They responded, by saying things like, “Don’t worry about that. You have arrived. Relax. Just enjoy yourself. This is what you have worked for. You don’t have to struggle anymore. You made it.”


In a way, hearing those words of prosperity, success and achievement felt good, but somehow I felt out of place. Every thing looked good but I couldn’t see the great assembly. Then, off in the distance, I saw another door. It was behind many wonderful delights. As I approached the door someone tried to get me to play a game with him. “Come on. You’ll have fun.” “I can’t,” I said pressing through the delights toward the door.

I opened the door and proceeded up another set of stairs. Finally, after reaching the top I saw yet another door that had nothing written on it. As I pushed the door open I could see a great sports arena. It looked like a giant coliseum. And just a few steps in front of me a massive, yet empty, pulpit. There was no one standing behind it preaching the Word of God to the masses. I could tell that it had seldom been used.


Behind me to my left and right I could see many people sitting in the seats of authority. I saw Absalom, Jezebel, Korah, Balaam and hundreds of false prophets and apostles.

Across the great arena on the other side I saw myriads of people who were hungry for the Word of God. They were a great crowd cheering me on to approach the pulpit. “Come on! Come on,” they cried. As I approached the pulpit I could see the disdain on the faces of those sitting falsely in the seats of authority. They shouted, “How dare he! Who does he think he is? Go back to the wonderful delights.” One even tried to stop me, but as he came near to me he fell down at my feet by the power of God.

Then as I approached the pulpit I could see hundreds of others break through doors just like I had. They too were approaching pulpits in front of them. When we lifted up our voices to preach the Word of God we were hit by bolts of glorious lightening. As we all began to speak proclaiming Jesus to the great crowds, the earth began to shake. The more we preached, the more violent the shaking. Then there was a great earthquake that opened the earth and swallowed up those hindering false ones who sat in the seats of authority.

Then suddenly the heavens split open and there was a great voice that said, “Come up here!”

 Jonas Clark Ministries  


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