If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the morning-after front page of the New York Post may well be worth many thousand reactions, both positive and negative, depending upon one’s political viewpoint.


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In the wake of the Republican wave elections that saw control of the Senate swing decisively toward the GOP, historic House elections that solidified the Republicans’ dominance of the lower chamber, and stunning losses for a number of Democrat governors and would-be governors in states such as Texas, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Maryland and Florida — in the turbulent wake of Tuesday’s election results, the reaction on a handful of left-leaning websites was quite telling.

At MSNBC.com, there was a clear attempt to spin the election outcome as a potential problem for the victorious GOP, presumably because the public might not like what now happens in Washington.

MSNBC is apparently presuming that President Obama will defiantly confront the GOP Congress rather than trying to be conciliatory.

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Huffingtonpost.com painted the election outcome in starkly disappointing terms for Democrats.

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Dailykos.com presented readers with a short, but not so sweet, one-word assessment.

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Over at slate.com, another promoter of progressive politics, the home page suggested that the real reason Republicans swept to victory was because they tricked the voters by pretending to be Democrats.

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Motherjones.com depicted the massive GOP wave in graphic colors, while the post-election analysis played on a favorite theme of Democrats when they lose — it wasn’t about content of the liberal argument as much as the packaging, the marketing, the messaging.

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