A YouTube video captured by a soldier in Ashdod shows people entering their bomb shelters during a Red Alert siren warning of incoming missiles.  The Israel Defense Force’s Iron Dome launched short-range missiles to simultaneously intercept and destroy 15 separate Qassam rockets.  The Iron Dome has been used almost daily over the last month-and-a-half to defend Israeli cities from the relentless barrage of rockets being launched by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Iron Dome, designed and manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, has been selected by the Israeli Defense Ministry to provide an affordable, effective, and innovative defense solution to the threats of short-range rockets and mortars against traditional air defense targets.  Since April 2011, Iron Dome has intercepted thousands of rockets that have been launched from the Gaza Strip at protected areas in Israel.  The system is able to distinguish between threats to protected areas and those that will land into the sea or open fields.  A single mobile launch unit can protect a medium-size city against multiple threats simultaneously and efficiently.

Many call the Iron Dome one of the greatest technological inventions, while others call it the “Hand of God” in action.

h/t Daily Mail