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What Was This Past Week’s “Non-Story” By The Liberal (Marxist) Media?

Obama Pope Birth Control SC What Was This Past Weeks Non Story By The Liberal Media?

One of the biggest news stories of the past week is the phantom story that VERY few news outlets have even mentioned. It has been so suppressed in fact that the mainstream media is doing all they can to make it a non-story. The Catholic Church has filed 43 lawsuits so far against the Obama administration and their attempt to force Catholic institutions to provide free female contraception. This is being done through the mandate in Obamacare that says EVERYONE must provide birth control regardless of personal beliefs. Why is this story so relevant, you might ask? Well, because it involves a number of violations of the Constitution of the United States.

The First Amendment of the United States explicitly prohibits the federal government from dictating or interfering in the religious practices of churches and ordinary citizens. (Religions advocating human sacrifice were omitted from this protection). The government was also prevented from establishing a state- sponsored (or sanctioned)- religion as England had done with the Anglican church during the reign of Henry VIII. In 1802, President Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Church of Connecticut to clarify their protection of religious freedom under the Constitution. In his clarification, Jefferson used the term “a wall of separation of church and State” to firmly assure the church that the GOVERNMENT was specifically PROHIBITED from making any law that interfered with the church’s legal and religious practices. Unfortunately, Earl Warren’s Supreme Court decided to reinterpret the First Amendment.

What Warren did was to take the prohibition of government interfering in religious matters and ruled that it was the church that could not interfere with the government. This absolute misinterpretation of the First Amendment has led to a number of bluntly unconstitutional events in this country. Prayer has been taken out of schools. Bible reading has been eliminated, and the Pledge of Allegiance (and even our motto ” in God We Trust”) have come under attack by the shrill minority attempting to eliminate God’s presence from our society. This misinterpretation of the First Amendment caused Chief Justice William Rehnquist to remark, “the metaphor of a wall of separation is bad history and worse law. It has made a positive chaos out of court rules. It should be explicitly abandoned”

Whenever Americans United for Separation of Church and State (an anti religious organization led by the “Reverend” Barry Lynn) hear of an attempt by churches to defend their CONSTITUTIONAL religious rights under law, they are usually right there agreeing with the government. Not a word has been heard from them to defend the government’s position on this one yet….wonder why? Did you know that abortion really isn’t constitutional either. The Supreme Court in 1973 that decided that abortion was a protected right for a woman based their decision not on the Constitution but on what they FELT should be law. Social activism won the day, and the result is over 50 million murdered children. But, I digress.

Sandra Fluke was the useful idiot that the Progressives used to start this jihad against organizes religion, and I have a word for her. Ms. Fluke, if you go to school somewhere that doesn’t offer or won’t offer you birth control, then you have a couple of choices. 1: Go somewhere else, or 2: if you cannot afford the contraception, then ABSTAIN from sexual activity until you can afford it! You really are not concerned about getting free contraception as much as you trying to break the status quo and put the church under feminist control. You and your Progressives friends seemed to have pulled the wrong tail of the wrong animal this time. The religious community has finally awakened to what Obama and his SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVES are really all about….absolute and total control of every aspect of every American citizen’s life.

The really good news is that if and when the Supreme Court strikes down the mandate in Obamacare, and the whole corrupt thing collapses in on itself, then the Progressives lose the religious and social engineering war in a big way. Whatever you political beliefs this year, remember one thing….if you give the government your freedom, you will NEVER get it back. Our founding fathers were wise enough to give us a foundation, a Constitution, and a country that gave EVERYONE the chance to aspire to their highest calling (except for most politicians & some billionaires who represent the “Peter Principle” and have risen to the highest level of their incompetence) and become greater than they were.

We all need to stand with the Catholics and say “NO MORE!” The government’s attempts to control us must end here and now. Obama has declared war on religion, war on the rich, war on business, war on fossil fuels, war on oil drilling, war on jobs, and on and on. Haven’t you had enough of this guy and his SOCIALIST philosophy yet? May God give us all the wisdom and discernment to make the right choice in November.

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