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Rocky relationship between Obama and the Israeli Prime Minister was simple: they have nothing in common

It is no secret that the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, don’t hang out. In fact, they appear not to like each other very much. This is unfortunate because—whether Obama likes it or not—Israel is our most trusted and important ally in the Middle East. Perhaps it is our only real ally in the Middle East. Although the friction between these two allies is palpable and widely reported in the press, no one has ever answered an important question: “Why?” Until now….

This question so intrigued Hugh Betcha, Ace Reporter for Stoos Views International Media Conglomerate and Head of the International News Bureau on Middle Eastern Affairs that he decided to investigate further into the roots of the distrust and chilly relationship between these two important leaders. Hugh, winner of the CNN “Most Influential Reporter 2014” award and of the MSNBC “Reporter We Would Most Like to Hang With 2014” award—a man with unlimited access to the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli cabinet and the Oval Office—found that the reason for the rocky relationship between Obama and the Israeli Prime Minister was simple: they have nothing in common

The reporter summarized the difference between the two leaders succinctly as follows:

Netanyahu’s Biggest Worry: The very survival of his country
Obama’s Biggest Worry: Where to golf next

Netanyahu:  Spent teens and twenties serving in military, fighting enemies of Israel
Obama:    Spent teens and twenties smoking dope

Netanyahu: Secures the borders to protect the lives of his citizens
Obama:    Favors no borders and support of illegal aliens at citizens’ expense

Netanyahu:  Wounded in war time defending his country
Obama:    Hurt his back bowing to foreign leaders on World Apology Tour

Netanyahu:  Kills terrorists
Obama:    Hangs out with terrorists—Ayers and Dohrn

Netanyahu: Not afraid to exercise military power to protect his country
Obama:    Abhors military power and prefers imaginary red lines

Netanyahu:  Brother died bravely in raid on Entebbe to free Jewish hostages
Obama:    Brother lives in a hovel with no help from Obama, a multi-millionaire

Netanyahu: Israel has the right to attack terrorists lobbing missiles into Israel
Obama:    Israel should exercise restraint in the face of Hamas aggression

Netanyahu: Viewed as a strong, decisive leader
Obama:    Viewed as weak, indecisive leader

Netanyahu: Favors citizen ownership of guns to protect against terrorists
Obama:    Favors gun control by the government, fears citizen ownership of weapons

Netanyahu:  Maintains strong military to protect country against terrorism
Obama:    Fires thousands of combat hardened military officers in face of increased terrorism

Netanyahu:  Does not need advice on how to defend his own country
Obama:      Sends the effete and ineffectual John Kerry to tell Netanyahu how to defend Israel

Netanyahu:  Spends millions defending Israel against Hamas
Obama:      Spends millions supporting Hamas (aka Palestinian Authority)

After filing this report, Hugh attempted to contact the Prime Minister and the President to elicit their opinions on these matters. Unfortunately, Netanyahu was engaged in an emergency meeting with his security advisors and could not be reached for comment. President Obama—engaged in a golf game at Martha’s Vineyard—had “no comment,” according to his Press Secretary, Earnest Lee Joshing.

By William Kevin Stoos  July 26, 2014

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