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You Can Keep Your Donkey and Elephant, I Have a LION!

By Linda L Barton

It seems as though the constant attacks on President Trump will NEVER end. From Russian collusion charges, complaints about his use of Twitter, the news of his supposed dalliance with a Porn Star and the call to Putin about his recent victory, those on the Hate-Trump bandwagon just can’t seem to give him a break.

Like you, I have grown tired of these baseless attacks on the President. However, what surprises me is how some of those who have professed their support of President Trump, seem to be growing weak under the pressure from the Democrats and the Never-Trumpers.

I don’t understand how someone can go from Trump’s my guy to having a case of buyer’s remorse in such a short time. Trump hasn’t changed ANYTHING about himself. He is saying and doing EVERYTHING he did during the 2016 election. So, if he hasn’t changed, WHAT’S the problem?

I turned 18 during the Carter administration. I remember the Iranian Hostage Crisis; I remember sitting in gas lines for HOURS to fill up my tank, praying the station didn’t run out of gas before I got mine. Then if I wasn’t able to get some, I remember hoping I could make it until I was able to buy fuel again. For those of you too young to know, in California at that time, you could only buy gas on odd and even days. What that means is they went by the last number on your license plate. My car was odd, yeah, it was suiting for me. So, I could only buy gas for my powder blue, 1967 Cougar on odd-numbered days. Dang, I wish I still had that car. Anyway, when Ronald Reagan ran against Carter, I proudly cast my first-time Presidential vote for President Reagan. Goodbye, Carter; go build some houses and leave the American people ALONE!


After eight years of President Reagan, and then four years of HW Bush (I never cared or trusted him), Bill Clinton took control of the White House. From nearly day one, the Clinton’s proved they were corrupt and would do ANYTHING for power and wealth. It doesn’t surprise me that Clinton beat HW Bush. Heck, I had to hold my nose to vote for him, so I’m sure many more had to as well. That was my first time of voting for the lesser of two evils.

Next was the 1996 Presidential election. Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas ran against Clinton this time. While I believed Dole was a decent man, I knew he didn’t stand a chance against Clinton. For some reason, people didn’t seem to care about all the crap done by the Clintons. Of course, I cast my vote for Dole, even though it was not done with much enthusiasm. Besides, the fix was in, and we went on with four more years of Bill Clinton.

On to the 2000 Presidential election between VP Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W Bush. This time things got interesting. I never could stand Al Gore and his better-than-thou attitude. I voted for Bush with a silent prayer he would eventually spark some excitement in me. After hanging chads, court cases, and the Democrats damn-near losing their minds; President Bush began his presidency. However, nothing could have prepared the American people for the events of 9-11. That horrible day did something NO politician had ever done since the attack on Pearl Harbor; it brought Americans together. It didn’t matter the color of your skin. We were Americans. Flags were flying everywhere. People were kind to each other. President Bush gave a uniting speech while standing on the rubble with first responders gathered around him. We all cried and felt a renewed sense of pride as Americans.

We were One Nation Under God. It was nice while it lasted, but it seems Americans have a short attention span. Even though Bush won a second term, in my opinion, his shining star began to dim with several of his decisions made during the War on Terror. I also blame him for setting us up as a nation to elect our next President.

Then in 2008, we faced another Presidential election. With the memory of the 9-11 attacks apparently fading in the minds of the American people (it hadn’t in mine), we saw the faceoff between John McCain, the LONG time Republican Senator from Arizona and a man with a questionable past and a MUSLIM name, Barak Hussein Obama. To this day, it amazes me how the American people would elect a man with that name a little over seven years after the 9-11 attack. But you see, Bush had told us not to think badly of Muslims. We were shamed if we felt anger and hate toward them. It didn’t matter if they had attacked us and said they wanted to kill us ALL. Heck, they still do today. Call me horrible, but I refuse to make nice with someone who wants my family and me DEAD. Anyway, I couldn’t get excited about the idea of a President McCain. However, that ALL changed when he introduced his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

After watching Gov Palin, or Sarah as most of us call her, I was FIRMLY in the McCain/Palin camp. However, I must be perfectly honest. I was a supporter of Sarah, not McCain. He was just there because he had to be. I was so excited to listen to her clear and honest speeches where she spoke of service to God and pride of country.

Then on election day, I PROUDLY cast my ballot straight Republican. Looking back on the campaign now, I can see how the GOP elites did their best to control Sarah and her message of America First. To be perfectly honest with you, I often wonder if those in the Republican Party didn’t choose Sarah to run with McCain with the aim of destroying any future goal of running on the national level.

**Tinfoil Hat Time** I believe the globalists put McCain in as the Republican candidate against Obama with the plan of ensuring an Obama victory. Heck, It was a win/win for them. Obama would get elected as the first black President, and Sarah Palin would be destroyed in the eyes of the average, non-political American. I’ll be damned if it didn’t work.

Then we moved on to the 2012 election. This time the Republican Party put up Gov Mitt Romney. Sheetz, another “hold my nose” candidate. Of course, Romney lost and we, as a nation, were forced to endure four more agonizing years of Obama and his steady destruction of the USA.

Then something AMAZING happened. A well-known New York Billionaire rode down an escalator with his beautiful wife and announced his bid for the Presidency. Donald Trump went on to set FIRE to the 2016 Republican Presidential primary.

We then all watched as one by one the seasoned and polished Republican politicians fell like flies. The darlings of the GOP Elite had NO chance against Candidate Donald Trump. Trump’s rallies were massive, and his support base grew and became more vocal as the primary went on. Of course, the media pundits would report how Trump had done this or that wrong, and he would soon leave the race, but he only became stronger and more popular with the American people. Then Trump did the unthinkable… he WON the primary and became the Republican candidate.

Once the actual Presidential election cycle began, we were told there was NO WAY Trump could beat Hillary Clinton. It didn’t matter that his rallies were packed to capacity and flowing outside. Heck, Hillary’s were smaller than the ones Sanders held during the Primary. Nope, we were told the next President would be Hillary Clinton.


Whew, we sure dodged a bullet. Can you imagine her as our President?

Of course, we can’t forget all the polls. Day after day we would see the polls showing Trump losing to Clinton. It didn’t matter the size of his rallies; it didn’t matter the number of people connecting on social media who supported Trump. Nope, we were told Hillary would wipe the floor with Trump.


Then election day was nearly upon us. Donald Trump had worked LATE into the night, doing a total of five rallies on Monday, November 7, 2016. In fact, Trump held his last day of rallies in the key states of Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Donald Trump at rally: I had "heard that crooked Hillary Clinton was coming to Michigan" http://cnn.it/2fj1KRO 

Then it was finally election day. I was so excited to vote for Donald Trump. For the first time since I voted for Ronald Reagan, I didn’t have to hold my nose to cast my ballot. I finally had a man I could believe in sitting in the White House. Someone I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt would always put AMERICA FIRST.

I’m sure you were like me as the vote tally came in, you held your breath and prayed for a Trump victory. We all watched the media pundits, begin the evening with smug expressions on their faces, but over the hours they eventually transformed into one of shock and dismay. We saw the Clinton supporters gathered to celebrate the first woman President in the Javits Convention Center slowly realize their dreams were shattered in the late hours of the night. On the other hand, the MILLIONS of Deplorables, (a term I’m sure Hillary regrets), breathed a collective sigh of relief as the media reluctantly announced that Donald Trump was now the President-Elect.

Then we all waited for President Trump to come out and make his acceptance speech. And in true Trump form, he did not disappoint. I must say I cried tears of joy and my heart was filled with pride as I watched our new President and his family come down those stairs and out onto the stage. It didn’t matter it was way into the wee hours of the night. It didn’t matter that I was drained after a long day of worry. All that mattered now was Donald Trump was our new President. We were saved from four years of Hillary Clinton continuing with the destruction Obama had set into high gear.

I teared up again when I watched that video. How about you? So, where are we at today? President Trump has worked hard his first year. He has proved he was just what we needed, in spite of all the Democrats and Never-Trumps doing their best to railroad him at every turn.

Now as we face the mid-term elections, I ask you one question. Are you going to get off your butts and get out and work hard to make sure the Republicans hold onto the House and Senate? Or are you going to sit at home and think someone else will do it for you? Had we done the latter in 2016, we’d have Hillary Clinton as our President today. If given a chance the Trump haters will waste NO TIME to impeach President Trump on fake charges. We cannot let that happen. Posting on Facebook is fine, but that didn’t win the 2016 election.

The Democrats are going to pull out all the stops in November. We must overwhelm the ballot box with our votes. Prepare for battle again, my fellow Deplorables, President Trump needs his army again.

To help President Trump and even increase the numbers of Republicans in the House and Senate, PLEASE join the America First Coalition, Boots on the Ground Movement. Sign up HERE and get busy; time is running out!

Linda L Barton is a proud Patriot Warrior and supporter of President Donald Trump. She is a non-apologetic flag waving, gun owning, lover of free speech, and believer in our God-given rights and freedoms. She is not afraid to speak her mind, which often lands her in hot water with the weak-kneed, Snowflake cry-babies on the left.

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