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Premiered May 21, 2019

Pastor Vlad started a new series called The Secret Place. He talked about Peters life and how we can learn to develop that deep relationship with Holy Spirit that last through thick and thin.

1. Peter focused on his love for Jesus, instead Jesus love for him. (Matthew 26:33-34; 1 John 4:19)

When we focus on our love for God instead of his love for us:
- We end up living for an approval instead of out of an approval - We make empty promises instead of living in his presence.
- We live on emotions instead of devotion.
- Our passion lacks compassion.

2. Peter slept when he was supposed to be praying. (Matthew 26:40; Luke 22:31-32; Mark 14:32-34; Hebrews 7:25; Matthew 12:28-30)

When our prayer life goes to sleep, our past life wakes up. SLEEPING saints become SLIPPING saints. If we don’t PRAY, we STRAY.

Secret place is where Jesus is interceding for you, therefore, enjoy his company, and receive his heart. Secret place is where you RELEASE your hurt and RECEIVE Gods heart.

3. Peter followed Jesus from a distance to preserve his life. (Matthew 26:58; Matthew 16:24-25)

If we don’t deny self - we will deny the Savior. It’s easier to sacrifice sin than to sacrifice self. We follow Jesus when it brings success, but when it costs a sacrifice, we play safe by following him at distance.

Each day, a staggering 11 Christians are killed for their faith in the top 50 countries ranked on the World Watch List according to Open Doors USA report.

4. Peter warmed himself at wrong bond fire (Mark 14:54; John 18:18; 1 John 2:15)

World’s fire is: - Attractive
- Addictive
- Annihilating

5. Peter went back to his old life and found it empty. (John 21:3; 2 Corinthians 7:10; John 21:9)

Remorse makes things worse. Don’t try to make things right without getting right with Jesus.

Enemy’s Fire
Build by the enemy
Jesus at trial
Denied Jesus 3 times
Left in regret


Holy Fire
Build by Jesus
Jesus triumphed
Affirmed love for Jesus 3 times Left restored


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